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    Northern Ireland 22

Diamond Jubilee 2012



Diesel fuel

Dietary supplements

Digital Economy Act 2010


Dinenage, Caroline

                  Chamber Debates


    Immigration 668

Diplomatic service

    Ministerial statements (11.05.2011) 1165-80


    Boarding schools 270w

    Department for Work and Pensions 721w

    Health services 16

    Local government services 667w

    Social security benefits 1305w

Disability living allowance

    Parkinson's disease 1163w


Disease control


District heating


Djanogly, Mr Jonathan, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Ministry of Justice

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Legal aid scheme (11.05.2011) 473-6wh

    Offenders, Females (11.05.2011) 488-92wh

    Suicide, Judgements (27.04.2011) 137-40wh

                  Written Statements

    Court Funds Office 34ws

    Judicial Diversity Advisory Panel 27-8ws


    Accountancy, Ministry of Justice 138w

    Courts, Conditional fee agreements 1066-8w

    Crown dependencies 959w

    Crown dependencies, Tax avoidance 961w

    Employment and support allowance, Appeals 799-800w

    Employment Tribunals Service 141-2w

    Family courts, Children in care 275-6w

    Family courts, Mediation 141-3w

    Family courts, Social services 1262w

    Immigration, Appeals 151w

    Incapacity benefit, Appeals 819w

    Information Commissioner 1259w

    Legal aid scheme, Domestic violence 1260w

    Legal aid scheme, Expert evidence 162-6w

    Legal aid scheme, Gateshead 160-1w

    Legal aid scheme, Greater London 1260w

    Legal aid scheme, Lincoln 801w

    Legal aid scheme, Lone parents 802w

    Legal aid scheme, Telephone services 522-3w

    Legal costs, Ministry of Justice 1294w

    Magistrates, Working hours 165w

    National Archives, Internet 1058w

    Pensions, Ministry of Justice 958-9w

    Prisons, Video equipment 174w

    Social security benefits, Appeals 806w

    Work experience, Ministry of Justice 797-8w


Dobbin, Jim


    Aviation, Working hours 619w

    Muscular dystrophy, North West 935w

Dobson, Rt Hon Frank

                  Chamber Debates

    NHS, Reorganisation (09.05.2011) 946-7


Docherty, Thomas

                  Chamber Debates

    Corporation tax, EU action (11.05.2011) 1296

    Electronic equipment, Points of order (09.05.2011) 910-1

    Finance (No. 3) Bill, 2R (26.04.2011) 84

    Middle East, Politics and government (26.04.2011) 55


    Business questions 360

    Water, Scotland 862w

    Water companies, Competition 861-2w


Dodds, Rt Hon Mr Nigel

                  Chamber Debates

    Armed forces, Points of order (26.04.2011) 58

    Finance (No. 3) Bill, 2R (26.04.2011) 114


    Royal Irish Regiment, Parades 174-5


Domestic violence

    Victim support schemes 352w


Donaldson, Mr Jeffrey M

                  Chamber Debates

    bin Laden, Osama (03.05.2011) 461

Donohoe, Mr Brian H

                  Chamber Debates

    Common fisheries policy (12.05.2011) 1421

    Parliamentary Standards Act 2009 (12.05.2011) 1387

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Hospitals, Private finance initiative (04.05.2011) 306wh


    Members, Correspondence 324-5w


Doran, Mr Frank

                  Chamber Debates

    Finance (No. 3) Bill, 2R (26.04.2011) 85-91

Dorrell, Rt Hon Mr Stephen

                  Chamber Debates


    NHS, Reorganisation 4

Dorries, Nadine

                  Chamber Debates

    NHS, Reorganisation (09.05.2011) 927

    Press Complaints Commission (27.04.2011) 318-9

    Sex Education (Required Content) Bill, 1R (04.05.2011) 679-81


    Alternative vote, Referendums 167

Dover Port

Dowd, Jim


Doyle, Gemma


    Musculoskeletal disorders, Drugs 601w

Doyle-Price, Jackie


    British nationals abroad, Homicide 379w

    Business questions 790

    Dartford-Thurrock Crossing, Tolls 763

    Renewable energy 694w

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