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Opperman, Guy


    Roads, Scotland 740w

Opposition days

    Children's centres (27.04.2011) 182-237

    Higher education (27.04.2011) 238-83

Oral questions


Ordnance Survey


Origin marking

Osborne, Rt Hon Mr George, Chancellor of the Exchequer

                  Written Statements


    Business, Females 1027

    Charitable donations 1015

    Departmental responsibilities, Treasury 1023

    Economic growth, Coastal areas 1025

    Economic situation 1024

    Economic situation, Greece 1025

    Enterprise zones 1026

    Gold and foreign exchange reserves 1028

Osborne, Sandra

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Wind power, Wales (10.05.2011) 352-4wh


    Equality, Public sector 251w

Ottaway, Richard

                  Chamber Debates

    bin Laden, Osama (03.05.2011) 459-60

    Diplomatic service (11.05.2011) 1171

    London Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (Amendment) Bill, 2R (28.04.2011) 377, 397-400

    Middle East, Politics and government (26.04.2011) 45


    Libya, Armed conflict 438

Out of area treatment

Outdoor education

Overseas aid

Overseas students

Overseas trade

Overseas visitors

    Health services 933w



    Health services 850w

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