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Paice, Rt Hon Mr James, Minister of State, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

                  Westminster Hall Debates

                  Written Statements

    Animal Health and Welfare Board for England 3-4ws


    Agriculture, Subsidies 1w, 10w

    Agriculture, Sustainable development 787w, 789w

    Bovine tuberculosis, Kent 608w

    Bovine tuberculosis, Lancashire 3w

    Carbon emissions, Business 610w

    Dairy farming, Research 4w

    Environment protection, Employment 549w

    Food, Government departments 608w

    Forests, Developing countries 1060w

    Forests, Kent 12w

    Genetically modified organisms, Crops 12w

    Hill farming, Subsidies 1348

    Lead, Pollution control 23-4w

    Members, Correspondence 550w

    National Forest Company 18w

    Phytophthora ramorum 611w

    Pigs, Animal welfare 24w

    Poultry, Animal welfare 22w

    Supermarkets, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 24w

    Sustainable development, Business 981w

    Sustainable development, Government departments 3-4w, 25w, 409w

    Sustainable development, Planning 24w

    Tortoises, Transport 942w

    Wheels to work schemes 943w

    Zoos, Inspections 1344

Paisley, Ian

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Zimbabwe, Politics and government (27.04.2011) 80wh


    Entry clearances 353w

    Politics and government 1150w

Palestinian-Israeli conflict

    see Middle East



    Royal Irish Regiment 174-5

Parental leave

Parish, Neil

                  Chamber Debates

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Business, Witham (04.05.2011) 326wh

    Equitable Life Assurance Society, Compensation (04.05.2011) 314-5wh

    Trees, Diseases (03.05.2011) 243-6wh

    Zimbabwe, Politics and government (27.04.2011) 86-7wh


    Electricity, Meters 755w

    Elephants, Conservation 784-5w

    Fuels, Excise duties 681w

    General practitioners 11-2

    Phytophthora ramorum 611w

Parish councils


    Fees and charges 89w

Parkinson's disease

    Disability living allowance 1163w

Parliamentary questions

Parliamentary scrutiny

Parliamentary Standards Act 2009

                  Chamber Debates

Parliamentary Standards Authority

    see Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority


Passport and Identity Service

    see Identity and Passport Service


Patel, Priti

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Business, Witham (04.05.2011) 320-4wh


    Council of Europe, Finance 509w

    Equality and Human Rights Commission 251-2w

    European Convention on Human Rights 521w

    European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights 253w, 389w

    Family courts, Legal aid scheme 905w

    Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority, Security 953w

    India, Foreign relations 391-2w

    Prisoners, Correspondence 1358w

    Prisoners' incentives and earned privileges scheme 1356-7w

    Trade unions, Department for International Development 889-90w

    Unionlearn, Expenditure 717-9w

Patents County Court (Financial Limits) Order 2011

                  Chamber Debates

    (04.05.2011) 746

Paterson, Rt Hon Mr Owen, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland

                  Written Statements

    Rosemary Nelson Inquiry 28ws


    Buildings, Northern Ireland Office 867w

    Homicide, Northern Ireland 30-1w

    Legal costs, Northern Ireland Office 1057w

    Mobile phones, Northern Ireland Office 30w

    Royal Ulster Constabulary, Religion 619w

    Training, Northern Ireland Office 30w

    Vacancies, Northern Ireland 939w

    Work experience, Northern Ireland Office 518w

Patient choice schemes

Pawsey, Mark

                  Chamber Debates


    Alcoholic drinks, Children 992w

    Government departments, Procurement 155-6

    Motor vehicles, Registration 773

    Public Data Corporation 791-2w


    Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority 28-9w

    Local government 203w

    National Offender Management Service 167-8w

    UK Border Agency 367w


    Social enterprises 327w

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