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Dinenage, Caroline

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Manufacturing industries (18.05.2011) 127-8wh


    Citizenship, Education 619

    Royal Fleet Auxiliary 76w


    see Electronic government

Director General of Fair Trading

    see Office of Fair Trading

Director of Public Prosecutions

    see Crown Prosecution Service



Disability living allowance


    Green deal scheme 502w

    Vocational education 630

Disciplinary proceedings


Djanogly, Mr Jonathan, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Ministry of Justice

                  Written Statements

    HM Courts and Tribunals Service 10-1ws


    Aarhus Convention 399w

    County courts, Judgements 400-1w

    Courts, Fees and charges 557w

    Data protection, Ministry of Justice 205w

    Domestic violence, Victim support schemes 181-2w

    Legal aid scheme, Domestic violence 153

    Legal aid scheme, Family courts 182w

    Legal aid scheme, Gurkhas 206-7w

    Legal aid scheme, Immigration 147

    Legal aid scheme, Mental health 183w

    Legal aid scheme, Negligence 151

    Legal aid scheme, North East 40w

    Legal aid scheme, South Yorkshire 182-3w

    Legal aid scheme, Warrington 183w

    Manpower, Ministry of Justice 558-64w

    Trade unions, Ministry of Justice 407w

    Travel, Ministry of Justice 205-6w

    Tribunals, Special educational needs 407-8w

    Tribunals, Waiting lists 186-7w


Dobbin, Jim


    Aviation, Working hours 138w

    House of Commons, Housing 277w

    Parliament, Environment protection 277-8w

Dobson, Rt Hon Frank

                  Chamber Debates

    House of Lords, Reform (17.05.2011) 160


    John Radcliffe Hospital, Blood transfusions 69w

    Surgery, Private sector 71-2w

Docherty, Thomas

                  Chamber Debates

    Injunctions, Points of order (23.05.2011) 656

    Nuclear weapons (18.05.2011) 360

    Recess motions (24.05.2011) 882-3

    Rosemary Nelson Inquiry (23.05.2011) 652


    Libya, Armed conflict 785

Dodds, Rt Hon Mr Nigel

                  Chamber Debates

    House of Lords, Reform (17.05.2011) 164


    Republic of Ireland, Foreign relations 336

    Terrorism, Northern Ireland 325-6

Domestic service

Domestic violence

    Legal aid scheme 153

    Newcastle upon Tyne 302w

Domestic visits

    Communities and Local Government 680-2w

    Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 117w

Donaldson, Mr Jeffrey M


    Independent International Commission on Decommissioning 323-4

    Smuggling, Northern Ireland 79w

Donohoe, Mr Brian H

                  Chamber Debates

    Armed forces (16.05.2011) 32


Dowd, Jim

                  Chamber Debates

    Laws, David, Members' suspension (16.05.2011) 50-3

    Sub judice rule, Points of order (16.05.2011) 44

Doyle, Gemma


    Armed forces, Conditions of employment 15

Doyle-Price, Jackie


    Members, Correspondence 302w

    Schools, Standards 264w


Drax, Richard

                  Chamber Debates

    Armed forces (16.05.2011) 38

    European financial stabilisation mechanism (24.05.2011) 824

    Sentencing (23.05.2011) 691


    Prison Service, Recruitment 151


Drinking water


    Young people 1w

Driving offences

Driving tests

Driving under influence

Dromey, Jack

                  Chamber Debates

    Police (23.05.2011) 734-6


    Entry clearances, Married people 220w

    Immigration, Statistics 220-1w

    Regional planning and development 56w


    Agriculture (16.05.2011) 128-34


Dugher, Michael


    Defence, Procurement 6

Duncan, Rt Hon Mr Alan, Minister of State, Department for International Development


    Bangladesh, Special educational needs 13w

    Billing, Department for International Development 240w

    Burma, Overseas aid 13w

    Closed circuit television, Department for International Development 551w

    Data protection, Department for International Development 125w

    Developing countries, Food 15w

    Manpower, Department for International Development 14w

    Mobile phones, Department for International Development 340w

    North Korea, Overseas aid 128w

    Palestinians, International assistance 128-30w

    Procurement, Department for International Development 552w

    Trade unions, Department for International Development 443w

    Travel, Department for International Development 552w

Duncan Smith, Rt Hon Mr Iain, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions

                  Written Statements

    Welfare Reform Bill 2010-12 11-2ws

Durkan, Mark

                  Chamber Debates

    Carbon emissions (17.05.2011) 186

    Green Investment Bank (24.05.2011) 798

    House of Lords, Reform (17.05.2011) 162


    Devolution, Northern Ireland 329

    House of Lords, Reform 768

    Libya, Armed conflict 788

    Mortgages, Government assistance 99-101w

    Nuclear power stations, Safety 350

    Universal credit, Northern Ireland 223w

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