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Hoban, Mr Mark, Financial Secretary

                  Chamber Debates

    Financial markets (16.06.2011) 959-74

                  Written Statements

    "Financial Services Authority Report 2010-11" 53ws

    Freezing orders, Iran 3-4ws


    Cru Investment Management 800-1w

    European financial stabilisation mechanism 700w

    Financial services, Taxation 699w

    Northern Rock plc 128w

    Public sector debt, Greece 622w

Hodgson, Mrs Sharon


    Cancer, Health services 631-2w

    Children, Day care 929w

    Employment, Low incomes 423w

    Winter fuel payments 387w

Hoey, Kate

                  Chamber Debates

    NHS Future Forum (14.06.2011) 653


    Entry clearances, Jordan 243w

Holiday accommodation

Hollingbery, George

                  Chamber Debates


    Carbon monoxide, Poisoning 491w

    Planning permission 454w

Hollobone, Mr Philip

                  Chamber Debates

    Financial markets (16.06.2011) 972


    Academies, Finance 946

    Business, Regulation 392w

    Business questions 956

    Dental health, Children 352-3w

    Magistrates, Retirement 155

    Parliamentary procedure 921

    Public expenditure, Department for Culture, Media and Sport 912

    Repatriation, Prisoners 604-5w

    Social security benefits, EU nationals 489-90

    Southern Cross Healthcare 933

    Travellers, Caravan sites 981-2w

    Voluntary work, Young people 762

    Westminster Hall sittings 889w

Home education

Home Office

    Closed circuit television 652w

    Departmental responsibilities 784w

    Termination of employment 946w


Homes and Communities Agency





Hopkins, Kelvin

                  Chamber Debates

    Kelly, David (09.06.2011) 308


    Community care, Unpaid work 1011-2w

    Prisoners' release 923w

    University technical colleges 55w

Hopkins, Kris

                  Chamber Debates

    Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures Bill, 2R (07.06.2011) 80-2

Horserace Totalisator Board


Horwood, Martin

                  Chamber Debates


    Developing countries, Climate change 147

    Middle East, Politics and government 621

    Nuclear power stations, Safety 814-5w

    Taxation, Environment protection 323w


    Crimes of violence 640w

House of Commons

    Information and communications technology 889w, 921

    Manpower 1w

House of Commons Speaker

    see Speaker

House of Lords


    Peterborough 35w

Housing benefit

Howarth, Rt Hon Mr George

                  Chamber Debates


    Civil servants, Manpower 740-1w

    Civil servants, Redundancy 942-3w

    Industrial health and safety 481

Howarth, Mr Gerald, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Ministry of Defence


Howell, John

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Royal charters, Reading (Berkshire) (07.06.2011) 48-9wh

Hughes, Rt Hon Simon

                  Chamber Debates

    Edinburgh, Duke, Anniversaries (08.06.2011) 170

    NHS Future Forum (14.06.2011) 657

    Welfare Reform Bill, Rep and 3R (15.06.2011) 840, 881


    Health services, Emergencies 69w

    Manufacturing industries, Young people 259-60

Human rights

    Export credit guarantees 432w

    Multinational companies 625

Human trafficking

Humanitarian Emergency Response Review

    Ministerial statements (15.06.2011) 781-94

Hunt, Rt Hon Mr Jeremy, Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport

                  Written Statements

    Olympic Games 2012, Tickets 87ws


    BBC World Service 912

    Creative England 134w

    Departmental responsibilities, Department for Culture, Media and Sport 133w, 781w, 913-4, 984w

    Internet, Pornography 916

    Internet, Regulation 136w

    Legal profession, Department for Culture, Media and Sport 489w

    Local broadcasting, Radio 915-6

    Local broadcasting, Television 910-1

    Olympic Games 2012, Tickets 914

    Scottish Television 914

    Television, Licensing 917

    Tourism, Greater London 144w

    UK Film Council 404w

Hunt, Tristram

                  Chamber Debates

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Cultural heritage (07.06.2011) 27-30wh


    Carbon emissions 98w


Huppert, Dr Julian

                  Chamber Debates

    Armed Forces Bill, Com (14.06.2011) 729-31, 736

    National Crime Agency (08.06.2011) 241

    Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures Bill, 2R (07.06.2011) 74, 86-7, 95, 103-7

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Cycling, Schools 720w

    Entry clearances 654w

    Entry clearances, Appeals 414-5w

    Health services, Older people 638-9w

    Health services, Terrorism 527w

    Legal aid scheme, Citizens' advice bureaux 923w

    Legal aid scheme, Young people 158w

    Local broadcasting, Radio 888w

    Shops, Planning permission 602-3w

    Unmanned air vehicles, Imports 683-4w

Hurd, Mr Nick, Parliamentary Secretary, Cabinet Office

                  Chamber Debates

    Volunteering Bill, 2R adjourned (10.06.2011) 460-4


    Carbon monoxide, Poisoning 491w

    Charitable donations 761-2

    Charitable donations, Schools 337w

    Charities, Mental health services 798w

    Childbirth, Yorkshire and the Humber 287-8w

    Colorectal cancer 287w

    Community Matters 289w

    Equality, Cabinet Office 741w

    Low birthweight babies, Peterborough 292w

    New businesses, Durham 490w

    Public Bodies Bill (HL) 2010-12 765-6

    Public sector, Cooperatives 301-3w

    Public sector, Manpower 976w

    Research, Cabinet Office 290w

    Statistics, Cabinet Office 743w

    Taxation, Offshore industry 629w

    Third sector, Cabinet Office 289w

    Third sector, Finance 767

    Unemployment, Coventry 743w

    Unemployment, Greater London 629-30w

    Voluntary organisations, Regulation 798w

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