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Ashworth, Jonathan

                  Chamber Debates

    Heart diseases, Children (23.06.2011) 510-1

    Higher education (28.06.2011) 777

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Special Olympics (06.07.2011) 528wh


    Banks, Taxation 162

    Business questions 1125

    Counter-terrorism, Leicester 1129w

    English language, Leicester 724-5w

    State retirement pensions, Females 1042w

    Welfare tax credits 1127w

Assessor for Miscarriages of Justice Compensation for England and Wales



    Department for Work and Pensions 909w

    Local government 20

    Regional development agencies 1081w



Atos Healthcare

Attorney General

Audit Commission

    National Audit Office 50w (17-8mc), 639w

Austin, Ian

                  Chamber Debates

    Economic situation (22.06.2011) 336, 348


    Hizb ut Tahrir 950

    Public finance 164


AWE Aldermaston



    Politics and government (22.06.2011) 103-25wh

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