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Heald, Oliver

                  Chamber Debates

    Care homes (04.07.2011) 1239

    Civil list (30.06.2011) 1152

    European Council (27.06.2011) 624

    House of Lords, Reform (27.06.2011) 669-71, 674

    Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Bill, 2R (29.06.2011) 994, 1001, 1014

    Newspaper press, Telephone tapping (06.07.2011) 1545, 1563-4


    Academies, Hertfordshire 352w

    Academies, Repairs and maintenance 880-1w

    Agriculture, Environment protection 1093w

    Billing, Attorney General 1213w

    Billing, Cabinet Office 1294w

    Billing, Communities and Local Government 1229-30w

    Billing, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills 1280-1w

    Billing, Department for Culture, Media and Sport 1250w

    Billing, Department for International Development 1264w

    Billing, Department for Work and Pensions 1122w

    Billing, Department of Health 1271w

    Billing, Home Office 1129w

    Billing, Ministry of Defence 1290w

    Billing, Ministry of Justice 1203w

    Billing, Northern Ireland Office 1097w

    Billing, Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 1098w

    Billing, Scotland Office 949w

    British Sky Broadcasting, News Corporation 1112

    Courts, Hitchin 805w

    International Monetary Fund 1245w

    Legal aid scheme 178w

    Legal aid scheme, Hertfordshire 372w

    Mental health services 1057w

    Prisoners, Foreign nationals 1221w

    Rivers, Hertfordshire 1094w

    Television, Alcoholic drinks 171w

Healey, Rt Hon John

                  Chamber Debates

    Care homes (04.07.2011) 1234-6

    Health and Social Care Bill, Programme motion (21.06.2011) 202-6


    NHS, Reorganisation 875w


    Departmental coordination 641w

Health and Social Care Bill 2010-12

                  Chamber Debates

    Programme motion (21.06.2011) 198-219


Health education

Health hazards

Health insurance

Health Select Committee

    (27.06.2011) 726

Health services

    Hearing impairment 529w

    Reciprocal arrangements 258w

Health visitors

HealthWatch England

    Freedom of information 1179w

Hearing impairment

    Health services 529w

    Jobseeker's allowance 795w

Heart diseases

    Backbench debates (23.06.2011) 500-47

Heath, Mr David, Parliamentary Secretary to the Leader of the House of Commons

                  Chamber Debates

    Health and Social Care Bill, Programme motion (21.06.2011) 209

    Members' Allowances Select Committee (07.07.2011) 1728-32, 1734-5

    Taxation, Points of order (05.07.2011) 1378

Heathrow Airport


Heaton-Harris, Chris

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Business questions 483

    European fighter aircraft 921w

    Perinatal mortality 65w

    Perinatal mortality, Research 265w

    Prisons, Education 712w


    Public expenditure 1736

Hedges and ditches


    City of Westminster 1311w

Hemming, John

                  Chamber Debates

    Afghanistan, Peacekeeping operations (06.07.2011) 1602

    Economic situation (22.06.2011) 414-8, 423

    Newspaper press, Telephone tapping (06.07.2011) 1549

Henderson, Gordon


    Immigration, Appeals 735-6

    Large goods vehicles, Foreign companies 468

Hendry, Charles, Minister of State, Department of Energy and Climate Change

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Coal fired power stations (29.06.2011) 320-6wh


    Electricity, Northern Ireland 1067w

    Energy, Competition 1375w

    Energy, Finance 851w

    Environment protection, Employment 1636-8

    Garages and petrol stations 852w

    Natural gas, Exploration 340w

    Offshore industry, Arctic 914-5w

    Renewable energy 1654

    Renewable energy, Kingston upon Hull 1652

    Sellafield, Northern Ireland 1070-1w

    Tidal power, River Severn 909w


Hepburn, Mr Stephen


    Thameslink railway line, Rolling stock 135w

    Victim support schemes, Finance 1019-20w

Herbert, Rt Hon Nick, Minister of State, Home Office and Ministry of Justice

                  Chamber Debates

    Police (Detention and Bail) Bill, Programme motion, 2R and rem stages (07.07.2011) 1675-8, 1715-8, 1723-6

    Puddick, Ian (07.07.2011) 1742-6


    Community policing 611

    Crime, Diplomatic service 676-7w

    Crime prevention, Redditch 1137w

    Criminal proceedings, Information and communications technology 752-3

    Dangerous dogs 609

    Demonstrations, Buckingham Palace 857w

    Demonstrations, Embassies 1129w

    Demonstrations, Greater London 686w

    Driving offences, Insurance 502-3w

    Firearms, Licensing 1005w

    Lancashire Constabulary, Pay 897w

    Metropolitan Police 1005w

    National Policing Improvement Agency 1220w

    Offenders, Deportation 736-7

    Offenders, Foreign nationals 699w

    Organised crime, Exclusion orders 1221w

    Police, Cheshire 611

    Police, Finance 686w

    Police, Greater London 611-2

    Police, Greater Manchester 613-4

    Police, West Midlands 898w

    Police, Working hours 898w

    Police and crime commissioners 1006w

    Police community support officers 7w

    Police community support officers, South Lakeland 582-4w

    Public expenditure 609

    Public order offences 754

    Serious Organised Crime Agency 1220-1w

    Serious Organised Crime Agency, Manpower 213w

    Telephone tapping, Newspaper press 687w

    Theft, Garages and petrol stations 893-4w


    Legal aid scheme 372w


    Department for Work and Pensions 396w, 603w


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