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Safety of Blood, Tissues and Organs Advisory Committee

St Albans

    Planning permission 744w

St George's Day

St George's Healthcare NHS Trust

Salah, Raed



    Travellers 18



Sanders, Mr Adrian

                  Chamber Debates

    Newspaper press, Telephone tapping (06.07.2011) 1572-3

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Animal experiments, Dogs 201-2w

    Animal welfare, Circuses 298w

    Government departments, Procurement 369w

    High Speed 2 railway line 458

    Judges, Manpower 464w

    Newspaper press, Telephone tapping 1507

    Non-domestic rates 742w

    Parole, Standards 704w


    Water charges 444

Sandys, Laura

                  Chamber Debates

    Food supply (05.07.2011) 1482-5

    House of Lords, Reform (27.06.2011) 711-2


    Loans, Business 152

    Local government, Assets 20


Sarwar, Anas

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Democratic Republic of Congo, Politics and government (05.07.2011) 459wh


    Afghanistan, Overseas aid 1377w

    Developing countries, Females 1113-4w

    Sierra Leone, Health services 1383-5w

    Syria, Freezing orders 1126w


Saudi Arabia

    Politics and government 422w

Sayce Review

School leaving

School meals


    Civil proceedings 762w

    Disclosure of information 237-8w

    Rural areas 47w



    Communities and Local Government 1234w

    Corporation tax 309

    Department for Culture, Media and Sport 171w

    Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 247w

    Department for International Development 27w

    Department for Work and Pensions 196-8w

    Department of Energy and Climate Change 128-9w

    Department of Health 67w

    Economic situation 891w

    Employment and support allowance 34w

    Financial services 138w

    Foreign investment in UK 311

    Home Office 7w

    Identity and Passport Service 316

    Maritime and Coastguard Agency 505w, 784w

    Older workers 73w

    Vocational training 320w

Scotland Bill 2010-12

                  Chamber Debates

    Programme motion, Rep and 3R (21.06.2011) 220-94

Scotland Office

    Access to work programme 1307w

    Freedom of information 1096w

Scotland Yard

    see Metropolitan Police

Scott, Mr Lee

                  Chamber Debates

    Barking, Havering and Redbridge Hospitals NHS Trust (22.06.2011) 448-9


    King George Hospital Redbridge 1622-3

Scottish Power


Sea King helicopters

    Rescue services 301w

Seabeck, Alison

                  Chamber Debates

    Finance (No. 3) Bill, Rep and 3R (05.07.2011) 1411, 1413

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Affordable housing 997w

    Business questions 1122

    Devonport Dockyard 670w

    France, Military alliances 1215

    Housing, Construction 7

    Mortgages, Repossession orders 162

    Private rented housing, Green deal scheme 125-6w

Seas and oceans

Secondary education

    Kingston upon Thames 378w


    EU institutions 649w

    Northern Ireland 395w


    Ministry of Defence 834w




    Industrial health and safety 727w


Selous, Andrew

                  Chamber Debates

    Economic situation (22.06.2011) 353

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Battle of Waterloo, Anniversaries 1224

    Food, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 912w

    Illegal immigrants, National insurance 949-50

    Renewable transport fuel obligation 785w

    Returning officers, Finance 845-6w

Senior civil servants


    Ministerial statements (21.06.2011) 165-89

    Offences against children 372-3w



    Department for Education 572-5w

Serious Fraud Office

Serious Organised Crime Agency



Sexual offences

    Criminal injuries compensation 1210-2w

    Yorkshire and the Humber 897w

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