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    Early intervention grant 1044w


Bone, Mr Peter

                  Chamber Debates

    News International, Points of order (18.07.2011) 620

    Newspaper press, Telephone tapping (13.07.2011) 326, (20.07.2011) 945

    Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration (18.07.2011) 754

    Public sector (11.07.2011) 33


    Common fisheries policy 479

    Free schools 19

    Libya, Politics and government 870w

    Schools, Admissions 316w


Border Agency

    see UK Border Agency


    Welsh Assembly Government 487w

Bottomley, Sir Peter

                  Chamber Debates

    Financial Services Draft Bill Joint Select Committee (18.07.2011) 735, 737

    Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration (18.07.2011) 757-60

Bovine tuberculosis

    Ministerial statements (19.07.2011) 811-24

Bradley, Karen

                  Chamber Debates

    Bovine tuberculosis, Disease control (19.07.2011) 819

    Newspaper press, Telephone tapping (20.07.2011) 934


    Business questions 490

Bradshaw, Rt Hon Ben

                  Chamber Debates

    British Sky Broadcasting, News Corporation (13.07.2011) 409-10

    Newspaper press, Points of order (20.07.2011) 963

    Newspaper press, Telephone tapping (11.07.2011) 45, (13.07.2011) 317, (20.07.2011) 929


    General practitioners, Working hours 147

Brady, Mr Graham


    Private education, Scholarships 912w

Brake, Rt Hon Tom

                  Chamber Debates

    Crime, Victims (11.07.2011) 119-20

    Metropolitan Police (18.07.2011) 627

    Newspaper press, Telephone tapping (13.07.2011) 337, (20.07.2011) 948, 991


    London Underground, Guide dogs 235w

    Mental health services, Greater London 1193w

Bray, Angie

                  Chamber Debates

    Newspaper press, Telephone tapping (20.07.2011) 955


Brazier, Mr Julian

                  Chamber Debates

    Civil disorder (11.08.2011) 1093


Breast cancer

    Social security benefits 842w

Brennan, Kevin

                  Chamber Debates

    British Sky Broadcasting, News Corporation (13.07.2011) 407-8

    Metropolitan Police (18.07.2011) 640

    Newspaper press, Telephone tapping (13.07.2011) 331, (20.07.2011) 946

    Oral question time intervention (11.07.2011) 2

    Witnesses, Points of order (14.07.2011) 524

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Business questions 502

    Email, Department for Education 905-6w

    Mass media, Competition 467

    Teachers, Industrial disputes 6-7

BRIC countries

Bridgen, Andrew

                  Chamber Debates

    Civil disorder (11.08.2011) 1076


    Animal welfare, Protest 774w

    Disability living allowance 1071w

    Identity cards, Expenditure 790-1w

    Motorcycles, Driving tests 706w


Brine, Mr Steve

                  Chamber Debates

    Schools, Finance (19.07.2011) 808


    Leukaemia, Drugs 646w

    Members, Postage stamps 226w

    National insurance contributions, New businesses 135w

    Office of the Public Guardian 250-1w

    Private rented housing 60w

    Revenue and Customs, Correspondence 289w

    UK Border Agency, Information and communications technology 278w

"British Council Report and Accounts 2010-11"

British nationality

British nationals abroad

    Social security benefits 461w

British Sky Broadcasting

    Communities and Local Government 471w

    Department for Business, Innovation and Skills 973-4w

    Department for Education 1041w

    Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 613w, 1151w

    Department for Work and Pensions 460w, 836w

    Department of Energy and Climate Change 487-8w

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office 526w

    Leader of the House of Commons 438w

    Ministerial statements (13.07.2011) 311-38

    Ministry of Defence 1142w

    Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 398w

    Opposition days (13.07.2011) 390-423

British Waterways


    Alyn and Deeside 227w


Broadcasting programmes

Brokenshire, James, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Home Office

                  Written Statements

    Crime Statistics Independent Review, Government responses 85ws

    Terrorism, Detainees 49ws


    Alcoholic drinks, Crime 455-6w

    Animal welfare, Protest 774w

    Anti-terrorism control orders 62w

    Bovine tuberculosis, Disease control 1122w

    British nationals abroad, Death 653w

    Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre 61-2w

    Closed circuit television 652-3w

    Crime, Business 388w

    Crime, Young people 777w

    Detection rates, Yorkshire and the Humber 789w

    Drug interventions programme 77w, 326w

    EU justice and home affairs 457w

    Fixed penalties, Road traffic offences 655-8w

    Forensic Science Service 457-8w

    Hillsborough Independent Panel 661w

    Identification parades, Video recordings 1111-2w

    Metropolitan Police, Conditions of employment 654w

    Metropolitan Police, Firearms 791-2w

    National Security Council, Home Office 792w

    Police, Accountability 663w

    Police, Conditions of employment 664w

    Police, Manpower 799w

    Police, North Yorkshire 662w

    Police, Recruitment 799w

    Police patrolling 793w

    Public Order Act 1986 803w

    Terrorism, Greater London 664-5w

    Theft, Bicycles 392w

    Young offenders 460w

Brooke, Mrs Annette L

                  Chamber Debates

    Cycles (Protective Headgear for Children) Bill, 1R (14.07.2011) 525

    Local government finance (18.07.2011) 669

    Schools, Finance (19.07.2011) 803

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Housing, Liverpool (12.07.2011) 29wh


    Departmental responsibilities, Department for Work and Pensions 612

    Dyslexia, Employment 612

    Electronic government, Petitions 670w

    English language, Education 177-8w

    NHS, Freedom of information 441w

    Tuberculosis, Developing countries 295-6

Brown, Rt Hon Mr Gordon

                  Chamber Debates

    British Sky Broadcasting, News Corporation (13.07.2011) 397-406

Brown, Lyn


    Democratic Republic of Congo, Females 299

    Railways, Lee Valley 711w

Brown, Rt Hon Mr Nicholas


    Departmental responsibilities, Department for Transport 1092w

    Local enterprise partnerships, Public appointments 406-8w

    Manpower, Treasury 816w

    Transport, Regional planning and development 707w


Browne, Jeremy, Minister of State, Foreign and Commonwealth Office

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Cyprus, Politics and government (13.07.2011) 144-6wh

                  Written Statements

    "British Council Report and Accounts 2010-11" 97ws


    BBC World Service, Finance 873w

    Colombia, Business 870w

    Conditions of employment, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1057w

    Democratic Republic of Congo, Diplomatic relations 1058w

    Departmental responsibilities, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 879w

    Developing countries, Marriage 571-2w

    Eritrea, Religious freedom 1059w

    Falkland Islands, Shipping 880w

    Foreign students, Scholarships 575w

    Human trafficking 383w

    India, Commonwealth Games 881w

    India, Prisoners 528w

    Montserrat, Volcanoes 882w

    Papua, Politics and government 885w

    Photographs, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 876w

    South Sudan, Armed forces 576w

    South Sudan, Christianity 576-7w

    South Sudan, Politics and government 577w

    Sudan, Politics and government 531w

    Tibet, Politics and government 533-4w

    UN Environment Programme 1061w

Bruce, Fiona


    Taxation, Sports 824w

Bruce, Rt Hon Malcolm

                  Chamber Debates

    Financial markets (11.08.2011) 1112-3

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    India, Overseas aid 294

    Sign language 308

Bryant, Chris

                  Chamber Debates

    British Sky Broadcasting, News Corporation (13.07.2011) 416-7

    Business questions intervention (14.07.2011) 491

    Civil disorder (11.08.2011) 1095

    Fixed-term Parliaments Bill, Lords amendts (13.07.2011) 364-5, 370-4, 388-9

    Metropolitan Police (18.07.2011) 640

    Newspaper press, Points of order (11.07.2011) 55

    Oral question time intervention (13.07.2011) 301


    Business questions 491

    Diplomatic service, Domestic service 123w

    Jobseeker's allowance, Lone parents 588w

    Newspaper press, Telephone tapping 564w

    Official hospitality, Deputy Prime Minister 892w

    Third sector, Deputy Prime Minister 893w

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