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    Department for Transport 702w

Gale, Mr Roger

                  Chamber Debates

    Civil disorder (11.08.2011) 1069


    British nationals abroad, Detainees 874w


    Diplomatic service 124w


Gapes, Mike

                  Chamber Debates

    Metropolitan Police (18.07.2011) 637

    Newspaper press, Telephone tapping (20.07.2011) 949


    Business questions 488

    East Africa, Droughts 777

    Entry clearances, India 275w

    Entry clearances, Indian subcontinent 657-8w

    Official hospitality, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 875w

    Photographs, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 876w

    Third sector, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 884w

    Training, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 879w

Gardiner, Barry

                  Chamber Debates

    Electricity generation (12.07.2011) 189

    Metropolitan Police (18.07.2011) 641

    Newspaper press, Telephone tapping (13.07.2011) 321, (20.07.2011) 943, 966, 1032-3


    Academies, Admissions 306w

    Business questions 497

    Children, Maintenance 616-7

    Common fisheries policy 476

    Higher education, Private sector 186w, 270w

    India, Overseas aid 293

    Marine conservation zones 617-9w

    Southern Cross Healthcare 172

Garnier, Mr Edward, Solicitor General


    Apprentices, Attorney General 834-5w

    Aviation, Attorney General 832w

    Contempt of court, Internet 1w

    Departmental responsibilities, Attorney General 1w, 833-4w

    Dismissal, Attorney General 226-7w

    Freedom of information, Attorney General 469-71w

    Human trafficking 319w

    Law Officers' Departments 835w

    News International, Attorney General 832w

    Official hospitality, Attorney General 832-3w

    Procurement, Attorney General 1005-6w

    Rape, Convictions 319w

    Redundancy, Attorney General 833w

    Suicide Act 1961 2w

    Third sector, Attorney General 835w

    Training, Attorney General 834w

    Victim support schemes, Finance 1w

Garnier, Mark

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Travellers, Caravan sites (13.07.2011) 123wh


    Armed forces, Medical records 53w

    Entry clearances, Entertainers 790w

    Palestinians, Human rights 575-6w

    Pupils, Disadvantaged 912w

    Road signs and markings 715w

Gas supply

    see Natural gas

Gauke, Mr David, Exchequer Secretary

                  Written Statements

    Double taxation, Armenia 60ws

    Tax yields, Isle of Man 60ws


    Child care tax credit 283w

    Corporation tax, Scotland 1008w

    Exports, Yorkshire and the Humber 402-4w

    Government departments, Internet 818w

    Housing revenue accounts 23w

    National insurance contributions, New businesses 820-2w

    National insurance contributions, Sheffield 821w

    Revenue and Customs, Correspondence 289w

    Revenue and Customs, Manpower 822-3w

    Revenue and Customs, Trade unions 823w

    Valuation Office Agency, Pay 824-5w

    VAT, Sunscreens 27w

    Welfare tax credits 487w


    see Palestinians

GCE A-level

GCE O-level


    History 552-3w, 909-10w, 1031-42w (532 11-2mc)


General elections

General practitioners

Genetically modified organisms

Genito-urinary medicine

George, Andrew

                  Chamber Debates

    Electricity generation (12.07.2011) 190

    Energy (18.07.2011) 685

    Public Bodies Bill (HL), 2R (12.07.2011) 215, 223, 270

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Common fisheries policy 473-4

    Developing countries, HIV infection 344w

    Hospitals, Infectious diseases 159

    Marine conservation zones 513-5w

    Regional Growth Fund 462-3

    Southern Cross Healthcare 170-1



Gibb, Mr Nick, Minister of State, Department for Education

                  Written Statements

    "Training and Development Agency for Schools Report and Accounts 2010-11" 76-8ws


    Academies, Admissions 306w

    Academies, Information and communications technology 904-5w

    Academies, Sheffield 307w

    Business, Education 1048w

    Carbon emissions, Department for Education 905w

    Classroom assistants, Sevenoaks 547w

    Conditions of employment, Department for Education 1015w

    Education, Assessments 913w

    Education maintenance allowance, Greater London 908w

    Education maintenance allowance, York 908w

    English baccalaureate, Religion 3-4

    English baccalaureate, Teachers 550-2w

    Environment protection, Curriculum 547-8w

    Free school meals 314w

    Headteachers, Ethnic groups 551-2w

    Headteachers, Vacancies 314-5w

    Higher education, York 552w

    History, Curriculum 14

    History, GCSE 552-3w, 909-10w, 1031-42w (532 11-2mc)

    Home education, Further education 553w

    Home education, Special educational needs 910-1w

    Information and communications technology, Education 548-9w

    Personal, social, health and economic education 10-1, 911w

    Primary education, Capital investment 90w

    Primary education, Standards 555-7w

    Private education, Scholarships 912w

    Pupil exclusions 557w

    Religion, Education 560w

    Schools, Bureaucracy 82-3w

    Schools, Capital investment 93w

    Schools, Finance 95w

    Schools, Freedom of information 914w

    Schools, Translation services 95w

    Schools, Vocational guidance 1044-5w

    Sixth form colleges 561w

    Special educational needs 561w

    Teachers, Industrial disputes 316-7w

    Teachers, Qualifications 562w


Gift aid

Gilbert, Stephen


    Antidepressants, Children 629w

    Arms trade, Palestinians 384-5w

    Arms trade, Yemen 259w

    Bahrain, Politics and government 255w

    Libya, Armed conflict 384w

    Libya, Politics and government 780

    Mental illness, Older people 637w

Gillan, Rt Hon Mrs Cheryl, Secretary of State for Wales

                  Written Statements


    Electoral systems, Wales 6w

Gilmore, Sheila

                  Chamber Debates

    Newspaper press, Telephone tapping (11.07.2011) 54, (13.07.2011) 335, (20.07.2011) 960, 1014, 1017

    Public sector (11.07.2011) 34


    Children, Maintenance 600-1

    Housing benefit, Scotland 594-5w

    Official hospitality, Department for Work and Pensions 839w

    Photographs, Department for Work and Pensions 839w

    Redundancy, Department for Work and Pensions 839w

    Students, Fees and charges 466

    Third sector, Department for Work and Pensions 850-4w

    Training, Department for Work and Pensions 841w

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