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Lucas, Caroline

                  Chamber Debates

    Bovine tuberculosis, Disease control (19.07.2011) 821

    Civil disorder (11.08.2011) 1083

    Electricity generation (12.07.2011) 185

    Home Office (19.07.2011) 883-4

    Newspaper press, Telephone tapping (20.07.2011) 941

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Afghanistan, Unmanned air vehicles 586-8w

    Animal experiments, Dogs 651w

    Armed conflict, Assassination 366w

    Climate change, Developing countries 291-2

    Criminal injuries compensation, Sexual offences 743w

    Defence equipment, Home Office 654w

    Forestry Commission, Redundancy 11w

    Heroin, Prisons 934w

    Invalid vehicles 961w

    Israel, British nationals abroad 572-3w

    Military aircraft, Air misses 49w

    Motorways, Speed limits 959w

    Nuclear power stations, Security 155-6w

    Pakistan, Unmanned air vehicles 51w

    Radioactive waste 156w

    Railways, Fares 710w

    Restraint techniques 902w

    Unmanned air vehicles 51-2w

    Visits abroad, Treasury 483w

    Work capability assessment, Chronically sick people 856w

Lucas, Ian

                  Chamber Debates

    Civil disorder (11.08.2011) 1090-1

    Metropolitan Police (18.07.2011) 642

    News International, Points of order (18.07.2011) 621

    Newspaper press, Telephone tapping (20.07.2011) 951


    British Sky Broadcasting, Department for Culture, Media and Sport 542-3w

    Commonwealth 783

    Coulson, Andy, Scotland Office 425w

    Environment protection, Economic growth 449

    Newspaper press, Telephone tapping 304

Luff, Peter, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Ministry of Defence


    Aircraft carriers, Fuels 857-8w

    Armed forces, Injuries 861w

    Armed forces, Vehicles 247w

    Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, Location 428w

    Future rapid effect system 866w

    Future strategic tanker aircraft 581-2w

    Harrier aircraft 582w

    Joint strike fighter aircraft 1140w

    Procurement, Ministry of Defence 1139w

    Regulation, Ministry of Defence 366-7w

    Rescue services, Helicopters 50w

    Royal Fleet Auxiliary 50-1w

    Space technology 366w

    Tornado aircraft 585w

    Type 26 frigates 867w

    Type 42 destroyers 586w

Lumley, Karen

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    High Speed 2 railway line (13.07.2011) 82wh


    New businesses, Redditch 669w

    Wind power, Planning permission 1004w

Lung cancer

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