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    Developing countries 298-9

Vaizey, Mr Edward, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and Department for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport


    Advertising, Abortion 227w

    Advertising, Children 542w

    Broadband, Alyn and Deeside 227w

    Broadband, Wales 543w

    Mass media, Privacy 466w

    Olympic Games 2012, Tickets 16w

    Telecommunications, Hearing impairment 545w

    Television, Females 813w

    Video recordings, Certification 1049w

Valuation Office Agency



Vaz, Rt Hon Keith

                  Chamber Debates

    Metropolitan Police (18.07.2011) 630

    Newspaper press, Telephone tapping (11.07.2011) 48, (13.07.2011) 318, (20.07.2011) 928, 975, 983-7, 1033

    Sovereign Grant Bill, Allocation of time motion and rem stages (14.07.2011) 528, 538


    Crown Relocations, Department for Transport 431w

    G4S, Department for Transport 702w

    IBM, Department for Transport 704w

    Illegal immigrants 791w

    Procurement, Home Office 456-7w

    Serco, Department for Transport 716w

Vaz, Valerie

                  Chamber Debates

    Financial markets (11.08.2011) 1119


    Blood, Contamination 629w

    General practitioners, Walsall 102w

    NHS, Reorganisation 147

    Redundancy, Department of Health 926w

    Third sector, Department of Health 942w

    Training, Department of Health 926w

Vehicle and Operator Services Agency


Veterinary Residues Committee


    Greater London 63w

    Southern Cross Healthcare 803w

Vickers, Martin

                  Chamber Debates

    Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (19.07.2011) 834-5

    Local government finance (18.07.2011) 674

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    High Speed 2 railway line (13.07.2011) 90-1wh


Victim support schemes

    British nationals abroad 903-4w

    Human trafficking 82w


Video games

Video recordings

Villiers, Rt Hon Mrs Theresa, Minister of State, Department for Transport

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    High Speed 2 railway line (13.07.2011) 102-4wh

    Rolling stock, Procurement (12.07.2011) 9wh, 21-5wh

                  Written Statements

    Roads, Olympic Games 2012 6-7ws

    South East Airports Task Force 54-6ws


    Air misses, Greater London 337w

    Air travel organisers' licence 689-90w

    Air Travel Trust Fund 943w

    Airports, Retail trade 337w

    Aviation, Olympic Games 2012 690w

    Aviation, Working hours 197w

    Biggin Hill Airport 232w

    Bus services, Whitehall 232w

    Channel tunnel railway line, Income 704w

    Channel tunnel railway line, Rolling stock 693-4w

    Crossrail line, Sanitation 197-8w

    Driving, Organised crime 198w

    EU law, Department for Transport 234-5w

    First Capital Connect, Conditions of employment 970w

    First TransPennine Express, Rolling stock 702w

    London and South Eastern Railway, Franchises 958w

    Manchester Airport 235w

    Members, Correspondence 203w

    National Air Traffic Services 689w

    Northern Rail, Rolling stock 960w

    Office of Rail Regulation 707-8w

    Office of Rail Regulation, Passenger Focus 201w

    Railways, Birmingham 202w

    Railways, Finance 963w

    Railways, Halton 435w

    Railways, Hornsey 963w

    Railways, Lee Valley 711w

    Railways, Passengers 712w

    Railways, Planning permission 1097w

    Railways, Repairs and maintenance 201w

    Railways, Sanitation 202w

    Railways, Vandalism 715w

    ScotRail, Rolling stock 715-6w

    South West Trains, Franchises 967-8w

    South West Trains, Rolling stock 717w

    Thameslink railway line 971w

    Transport, Olympic Games 2012 971-2w

    Transport, Per capita costs 721-2w

    West coast railway line 722w

Violent and sex offender register

    Offences against children 665w

Visits abroad

    Department of Health 927w

    Scotland Office 537w

Visual impairment

    Public transport 202w

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