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    Foreign relations 534w

    Politics and government 530-1w

Yeo, Mr Tim

                  Chamber Debates

    Electricity generation (12.07.2011) 183


    Children's centres 547w

    Education maintenance allowance 908w

    Local government finance 215w

    State retirement pensions 464-6w

    Victim support schemes 743w

    Warm front scheme 380w

    Winter fuel payments 355w

Yorkshire and the Humber

    Detection rates 789w

    Local enterprise partnerships 766w

Yorkshire Dales National Park

Young, Rt Hon Sir George, Leader of the House of Commons and Lord Privy Seal

                  Chamber Debates

    British Sky Broadcasting, News Corporation (13.07.2011) 394-7

    Civil disorder (11.08.2011) 1152

    Clerk of the House, Retirement (12.07.2011) 200-1

    Financial Services Draft Bill Joint Select Committee (18.07.2011) 719

    News International, Points of order (18.07.2011) 619

                  Written Statements


    Aviation, Leader of the House of Commons 1147w

    British Sky Broadcasting, Leader of the House of Commons 438w

    Catering and Retail Services Directorate 259w

    Coulson, Andy, Leader of the House of Commons 438w

    Departmental responsibilities, Leader of the House of Commons 1147w

    Electronic government, Petitions 670w

Young offender institutions

    Crimes of violence 904w

Young offenders

Young people

    Crime prevention 388w

    Disability living allowance 1181-2w

    New enterprise allowance 615

    Remand in custody 456w

Youth Employment Bill 2010-12

                  Chamber Debates

Youth services

YouView service

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