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Boles, Nick

                  Chamber Debates

    Vocational guidance (13.09.2011) 961


    Palestinians, Recognition of states 1185-6

Bombardier Transportation


Bone, Mr Peter

                  Chamber Debates

    Fixed-term Parliaments Bill, Lords amendts (08.09.2011) 583, 587, 590

    House of Commons Disqualification (Amendment) Bill, 2R adjourned (09.09.2011) 711-21


    Business Committee 997w

    Human trafficking, Scotland 1074-5w

    Human trafficking, Sentencing 887

    Human trafficking, Sports 538-9

    Westminster Hall sittings, Secretaries of state 547


Border Agency

    see UK Border Agency


Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Politics and government 446-8w

Bottomley, Sir Peter

                  Chamber Debates


Boundary Commission for Wales

Boundary Committee for England

    see Local Government Boundary Commission for England (2009-)

Bovine tuberculosis


Bows and arrows

Bradshaw, Rt Hon Ben


Brady, Mr Graham


    Network Rail, Finance 1327w

Brake, Rt Hon Tom

                  Chamber Debates

    Legal representation, EU action (07.09.2011) 508-9

    Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures Bill, Rep and 3R (05.09.2011) 116-8


    Community orders 274w

    Entry clearances, Overseas students 739

    Female genital mutilation 1175-6

    First offenders, Custodial treatment 1279-80w

    Police, Procurement 756

    Prisons, Standards 892

    Public service broadcasting 535-6

Bray, Angie

                  Chamber Debates

    Health and Social Care Bill, Rep and 3R (07.09.2011) 377


    Disclosure of information, Department of Health 564w

Brazier, Mr Julian

                  Chamber Debates

    Libya, Armed conflict (05.09.2011) 47


    Economic and monetary union 157

    Palestinians, Recognition of states 1185

    Prisons, Employment 873

Breast cancer


Brennan, Kevin


    Local government finance 5-6

Bridgen, Andrew

                  Chamber Debates

    Libya, Armed conflict (05.09.2011) 42

    Young people, Unemployment (13.09.2011) 909


    Aviation, Security 209w

    Business questions 1203

    Child Support Agency, Correspondence 96-7w

    Government departments, Procurement 340-1

    Human rights 880

    Income tax, Tax rates and bands 1191w


Brine, Mr Steve


    Cancer Act 1939 135w

    Children, Maintenance 97w

    Cystic fibrosis, Nurses 137-8w

    Domestic violence, Housing benefit 753w

    Libraries, Digital technology 614-5w

    Local broadcasting, Television 529-30

    Localism Bill 2010-12 750w

    Non-domestic rates, Empty property 22w

British Antarctic Territory

British Broadcasting Corporation

    see BBC

British Coal Staff Superannuation Scheme

British Coal Utilisation Research Association

British Indian Ocean Territory

British Legion

    see Royal British Legion

British nationality

British nationals abroad

    Palestinians 68w

British overseas territories

British Sky Broadcasting

    Communities and Local Government 479w

    Department for Business, Innovation and Skills 1085w

    Department for Education 305w

    Department for International Development 29w

    Department of Energy and Climate Change 187w

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office 638w

    Ministry of Defence 667w

    Northern Ireland Office 27w

British Transport Police

    Government procurement card 1071-2w

British Waterways



    Motor sports 539

Broadcasting programmes

    Wormwood Scrubs Prison 631w

Brokenshire, James, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Home Office

                  Chamber Debates


    Alcoholic drinks, Crime 220-1w

    Alcoholic drinks, Young people 222-4w

    Closed circuit television 1178w

    Crime, Warwickshire 1130w

    Driving offences, Victims 283-4w

    Drugs, Crime prevention 538w

    Police, North Yorkshire 245w

    Roads, Accidents 220w

    Violent and sex offender register 1143-4w

    Written questions, Government responses 544w

Brooke, Mrs Annette L

                  Chamber Debates

    London Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (Amendment) Bill, Rep and 3R (08.09.2011) 615, 619

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Special educational needs, Private education (06.09.2011) 55-8wh


    Free schools, Finance 897w

    Urban areas, Planning permission 4

Brown, Lyn

                  Chamber Debates

    East Africa, Droughts (15.09.2011) 1215

    Energy Bill (HL), Rep and 3R (14.09.2011) 1124

    Health and Social Care Bill, Rep and 3R (07.09.2011) 367, 435

    India, Human rights (15.09.2011) 1254, 1267

    Legislation (Territorial Extent) Bill, Rep and 3R (09.09.2011) 651

    London Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (Amendment) Bill, Rep and 3R (08.09.2011) 607, 609, 615-6, 620, 622, 626, 632

    Young people, Unemployment (13.09.2011) 923, 926-7


    Alzheimer's disease, Newham 1118w

    European Convention on Human Rights 1171-2w

Brown, Rt Hon Mr Nicholas

                  Chamber Debates

    Banks, Regulation (12.09.2011) 768

Brown, Mr Russell


    Patients, Surveys 181w

Browne, Jeremy, Minister of State, Foreign and Commonwealth Office


    British nationals abroad, Death 61w

    Burma, Political prisoners 61-2w

    UN World Conference against Racism 641w, 1324w

    Venezuela, Human rights 456-7w

Bruce, Fiona


Bruce, Rt Hon Malcolm

                  Chamber Debates

    East Africa, Droughts (15.09.2011) 1214, 1218


    Energy, Scotland 1019

    Income tax, Tax rates and bands 1035

Bryant, Chris

                  Chamber Debates

    Business questions intervention (15.09.2011) 1194

    Constituencies, Points of order (13.09.2011) 895

    Fixed-term Parliaments Bill, Lords amendts (08.09.2011) 582, 586-92, 595

    Health and Social Care Bill, Rep and 3R (07.09.2011) 364-5, 368, 384

    Libya, Armed conflict (05.09.2011) 31

    Points of order intervention (12.09.2011) 779

    Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill, Lords amendts (12.09.2011) 780-1, 784-5, 788

    West Lothian question, Points of order (08.09.2011) 600


    Business questions 1203

    Civil partnerships, Ceremonies 1180

    Entry clearances, Diplomatic service 1274-8w

    Private investigators, Licensing 346

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