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Cellular phones

    see Mobile phones


Central Advisory Committee on Pensions and Compensation

Central Office of Information


Channel Islands

Chapel of St Mary Undercroft

Chapman, Mrs Jenny

                  Chamber Debates

    Vocational guidance (13.09.2011) 981-4, 987


    North East Ambulance Service NHS Trust 161w

    Prisons, Employment 872

    Public bodies 342

Charitable donations

Charitable trusts

    Museums and galleries 425w



    Social security benefits 472-7w


    Cabinet 3w



Chief Coroner

"Chief Electoral Officer for Northern Ireland Report 2010-11"

Child benefit

Child Support Agency

Child tax credit


    Care homes see Children in care

Children in care

    Homelessness 17w

Children's centres

    Petitions 4p

Children's play

Children's rights



Chinook helicopters

Chishti, Rehman

                  Chamber Debates

    Baha Mousa Inquiry (08.09.2011) 579

    Libya, Armed conflict (05.09.2011) 41

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Social services, Older people (06.09.2011) 25wh, 34wh

    Special educational needs, Private education (06.09.2011) 58-9wh


    Dartford-Thurrock Crossing 1172

    Sports, Public participation 531


Chope, Mr Christopher

                  Chamber Debates

    House of Commons Disqualification (Amendment) Bill, 2R adjourned (09.09.2011) 714, 721

    Legislation (Territorial Extent) Bill, Rep and 3R (09.09.2011) 665

    London Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (Amendment) Bill, Rep and 3R (08.09.2011) 601, 610-6, 618-9


    Hillsborough Independent Panel, Expenditure 240w

Chronic fatigue syndrome


Citizens' advice bureaux

City of Westminster

Civil Contingencies Secretariat

Civil disorder

Civil law

Civil Litigation Costs Review

Civil partnerships

Civil proceedings

Civil servants

    Redundancy 343-4 (3-4mc)

Civil Service Live conference


Claims management services

Clappison, Mr James

                  Chamber Debates

    Legal representation, EU action (07.09.2011) 505, 513, 516


    Higher education, Admissions 325w

Clark, Rt Hon Greg, Minister of State, Communities and Local Government

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Environment protection, Peterborough (13.09.2011) 254-8wh


    Economic growth 19

    Green belt 7w

    Housing, Construction 16

    Housing, Kirklees 18-9

    Sustainable development, Planning permission 19

    Urban areas, Departmental responsibilities 489w

    Urban areas, Planning permission 4-5, 23w

Clark, Katy


    Industrial health and safety 111-2w

Clarke, Rt Hon Mr Kenneth, Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice

                  Written Statements

    Bill of Rights Commission 28ws

    Criminal proceedings, Disclosure of information 16-8ws

    UN Convention against Torture 16ws


    Bill of Rights Commission 271w

    Compensation 891

    Courts, Closed circuit television 1214w

    Data protection 278w

    Departmental responsibilities, Ministry of Justice 887

    Driving offences, Reoffenders 889

    EU law, Ministry of Justice 624-5w

    European Convention on Human Rights 1171-2w

    European Court of Human Rights 810w

    Government procurement card, Ministry of Justice 1338w

    HM Courts and Tribunals Service, Finance 1215w

    Homicide, British nationals abroad 811w

    Homicide, Sentencing 1338w

    Human Rights Act 1998 811w

    Ministerial policy advisers, Ministry of Justice 809-10w

    Private finance initiative, Ministry of Justice 1215w

    Travellers, Ireland 890

    Written questions, Ministry of Justice 1020w

Clarke, Rt Hon Mr Tom


    Housing benefit 109w

    Mortgages, Government assistance 116w

Class sizes

Classroom assistants

Clegg, Rt Hon Mr Nick, Deputy Prime Minister and Lord President of the Council


    Aviation, Deputy Prime Minister 611w

    Departmental responsibilities, Deputy Prime Minister 6w, 1123w

    Lockerbie, Bombings 1123w

    Lost property, Deputy Prime Minister 6w

    National Security Council, Deputy Prime Minister 6w

    News International, Deputy Prime Minister 365w

    Written questions, Deputy Prime Minister 1123w

Clifton-Brown, Mr Geoffrey

                  Chamber Debates

    Libya, Armed conflict (05.09.2011) 43


    Aviation, Security 209w

Climate change

Closed circuit television


Clwyd, Rt Hon Ann


    Ethiopia, Crimes against humanity 873-4w

    Female genital mutilation 1176

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