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Eagle, Ms Angela


    Economic and monetary union 158

    Overseas aid 35w

Eagle, Maria


    East coast railway line, Franchises 954w

    Rolling stock, Procurement 1161

    Rolling stock, Thameslink railway line 767w, 1330w

    Shipping, Exhaust emissions 963w


Early Years Foundation Stage Review

East Africa

    Backbench debates (15.09.2011) 1208-49

East coast railway line

East Midlands

East of England

    Olympic Games 2012 421w

East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust

Economic and monetary union

Economic growth

Economic policy

Economic situation

    Higher education 310w

Edelman UK



    Developing countries 30-1w

    Information and communications technology 1305-7w

    Sierra Leone 35w

Education maintenance allowance

Edwards, Jonathan

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Consumer Focus Wales (14.09.2011) 325-8wh


    Broadcasting, Welsh language 38w, 404w

    Electricity generation, Wales 370w

    Local broadcasting, Television 530

    Olympic Games 2012, Tickets 1335w

    Police and crime commissioners, Wales 38w

Efficiency and Reform Group

Efford, Clive

                  Chamber Debates

    London Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (Amendment) Bill, Rep and 3R (08.09.2011) 622, 639


    Business questions 562

    Closed circuit television 21

    Drugs, Crime prevention 538w


    Democratic Republic of Congo 450w

    Malaysia 5w

Electoral Commission

Electoral register

Electric cables

Electric shock equipment

Electric vehicles

    Palace of Westminster 981w

Electrical engineering


Electricity generation

Electromagnetic fields

Electronic equipment

Electronic government

Electronic tagging

    Animals see Tagging

Elliott, Julie


    Apprentices, North East 601w

    Higher education, Sunderland 330-1w

    Olympic Games 2012, North East 418w

    Sixth form education, Sunderland 596-7w

    Unemployment, Graduates 264-5w

    Unemployment, North East 865w

    Unemployment, Young people 129w

Ellis, Michael


    Diamond Jubilee 2012 357

Ellison, Jane

                  Chamber Debates

    Libya, Armed conflict (05.09.2011) 36


    Female genital mutilation 1174-5

Ellman, Mrs Louise


    Community relations 750w

    Palestinians, Recognition of states 1185

    Rolling stock, Procurement 1160-1

Ellwood, Mr Tobias

                  Chamber Debates

    Libya, Armed conflict (05.09.2011) 41

    Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures Bill, Rep and 3R (05.09.2011) 139


    Business questions 558

Elphicke, Charlie


    Economic growth 166

    Flags, Communities and Local Government 1089w

    Government procurement card, Commission for Local Administration in England 484-5w

    Government procurement card, FiReBuy 648w

    Government procurement card, Housing Ombudsman Service 15w

    Government procurement card, Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority 366w

    Government procurement card, Infrastructure Planning Commission 485w

    Government procurement card, London Thames Gateway Development Corporation 485w

    Government procurement card, National Audit Office 27w

    Government procurement card, Ordnance Survey 723w

    Government procurement card, Thurrock Thames Gateway Development Corporation 15w

    Government procurement card, Valuation Tribunal Service 485w

    Government procurement card, West Northamptonshire Development Corporation 16w

    Pay, Communities and Local Government 10w

    Travel, Communities and Local Government 483w



Employers' liability


    Special educational needs 597-8w

Employment agencies

Employment and support allowance

    Musculoskeletal disorders 920-1w

Employment schemes

Employment services

    Information and communications technology 108w

Empty property

    Non-domestic rates 22w

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