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Hughes, Rt Hon Simon

                  Chamber Debates

    Health and Social Care Bill, Rep and 3R (07.09.2011) 402, 404, 439

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    River Thames, Sewage (14.09.2011) 313-7wh


    Inland waterways, Freight 1326w

Huhne, Rt Hon Chris, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change

                  Chamber Debates

    Energy Bill (HL), Rep and 3R (14.09.2011) 1140-2, 1144

                  Written Statements

    North Sea oil, Pollution 41-2ws

Human rights

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office 47ws

Human Rights Act 1998


Human trafficking

Humber bridge

    Closed circuit television 1199w


    Double taxation 19ws

Hunt, Rt Hon Mr Jeremy, Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport


    Arts 403w

    Broadband, Rural areas 534-5

    Broadband, Scotland 540

    Broadcasting programmes 543

    Culture, Practices and Ethics of the Press Inquiry 760w

    Departmental responsibilities, Department for Culture, Media and Sport 540

    Manpower, Department for Culture, Media and Sport 1333-4w

    Museums and galleries, Charitable trusts 425w

    News Corporation, British Sky Broadcasting 403w, 537-8, 758w

    News Corporation, Department for Culture, Media and Sport 615-6w

    Newspaper press 417w

    Press Complaints Commission 423w

    Prime Minister, Department for Culture, Media and Sport 423w

    Sports, Betting 425w

    Sports, Finance 540

    Tourism, Marketing 543

    Wallis, Neil, Department for Culture, Media and Sport 615w

Hunt, Tristram


    Planning permission 11

    Property development, Derelict land 1091-2w

    Property development, Greater London 1092-3w

    Research, Department for International Development 699w, 768w


Huppert, Dr Julian

                  Chamber Debates

    Health and Social Care Bill, Rep and 3R (07.09.2011) 366, 372, 379, 386-7


    Children's play, Training 889w

    Debit cards, Fees and charges 321w

    Greece, Shipping 65w

    Immigration 746

    Jobseeker's allowance, Carers 675w

    Police, Equipment 644w

    Urban areas, Planning permission 20

Hurd, Mr Nick, Parliamentary Secretary, Cabinet Office


    Big Society Capital, Northern Ireland 347

    British nationals abroad, EU countries 429w

    Civil servants, York 260w

    Death, Mental health services 267-8w

    Employment, Birmingham 1331w

    Green Investment Bank 431w

    Life expectancy 265w

    Local government, Pay 266w

    Mortality rates 798w

    Mortality rates, Cancer 618w

    New businesses, Greater London 259w

    New businesses, National insurance contributions 620-1w

    Offenders, Rehabilitation 269w

    Office for National Statistics, Arts 800w

    Office of National Statistics, Environment protection 434w

    Prostate cancer, Ethnic groups 431-3w

    Unemployment, North East 865w

    Unemployment, Young people 677w

    Vacancies, Greater London 270-1w

    Youth services 348

Hurricanes and tornadoes

Hydroelectric power

    Nature conservation 1080w


Hydrographic Office

    see United Kingdom Hydrographic Office

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