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Mudie, Mr George

                  Chamber Debates

    Banks, Regulation (12.09.2011) 769

Mulholland, Greg

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Tourism, Yorkshire and the Humber (13.09.2011) 189-90wh


Multiple sclerosis

Mundell, Rt Hon David, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Scotland Office


    Advocate General for Scotland, Correspondence 436w

    Air force, Military bases 434w

    Aviation, Scotland Office 436w

    Child benefit, Scotland 435w

    Children, Poverty 435w

    Conditions of employment, Scotland 435-6w

    Consultants, Scotland Office 612w

    Correspondence, Scotland Office 612w

    Departmental responsibilities, Scotland Office 436w

    Disability, Scotland 436w

    Fuel poverty, Scotland 437w

    Green Investment Bank, Scotland 437w

    Human trafficking, Children 437-8w

    Human trafficking, Scotland 1074-5w

    Insolvency, Scotland 438w

    Job creation, Scotland 1026

    Procurement, Scotland Office 613w

    Public expenditure, Scotland Office 1074w

    RAF Lossiemouth 612w

    Scotland, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 1249w

    Shipbuilding, Scotland 438w

    Work experience, Scotland Office 613w

    Written questions, Scotland Office 1074w

Munn, Meg


    Burma, Human rights 1321w

Munt, Tessa

                  Chamber Debates

    Energy Bill (HL), Rep and 3R (14.09.2011) 1098-9, 1120

    Rescue services, Swansea (12.09.2011) 865


    Breast cancer, Screening 925w

    Electromagnetic fields, Health hazards 965w

    Medical treatments 579w

    Milk, Contamination 163w

    Primary care trusts, Finance 585w

    Visits abroad, Department for International Development 699w

    Visits abroad, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 63w


    Electric cables 5-6p

Murphy, Rt Hon Mr Jim

                  Chamber Debates

    Baha Mousa Inquiry (08.09.2011) 573-5


    Armoured fighting vehicles 1370w

    Joint strike fighter aircraft 1206w

    Pay, Ministry of Defence 842-4w

    Taxis, Ministry of Defence 1149w

Murphy, Rt Hon Paul

                  Chamber Debates

    Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill, Lords amendts (12.09.2011) 815-8

Murray, Ian

                  Chamber Debates

    Banks, Regulation (12.09.2011) 774

    East Africa, Droughts (15.09.2011) 1228-30


    Business questions 566

Murray, Sheryll


    Foreign investment in UK 1348w

    Great Western railway line 992w

    Police, Cornwall 754

    Police, Mobile homes 249w

    Railways, Fares 958w

    Railways, Rural areas 1174


Murrison, Dr Andrew


    Large goods vehicles, Safety 1163

Musculoskeletal disorders

    Disability living allowance 920-1w

    Employment and support allowance 920-1w

Museums and galleries

    Charitable trusts 425w

    Yorkshire and the Humber 1104w


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