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Eagle, Ms Angela

                  Chamber Debates

    Business motions (11.10.2011) 306

    Fox, Liam (19.10.2011) 913-5

    Parliamentary Contributory Pension Fund (17.10.2011) 635-42, 654

    Speaker's statement intervention (17.10.2011) 626

    Werritty, Adam, Points of order (17.10.2011) 627, (18.10.2011) 773


    Social security benefits 354w

Eagle, Maria

                  Chamber Debates

    Hillsborough Independent Panel (17.10.2011) 683-5, 687


    Procurement, Cabinet Office 117w

    Procurement, Department for Transport 338w, 1196w

    Thameslink railway line, Rolling stock 111w, 471-2w

Early intervention grant

East Africa

East of England

Eating disorders

Economic and monetary union

    Ministerial statements (10.10.2011) 40-61

Economic growth

Economic policy

Economic situation

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1106w

    International cooperation 128w


    Territorial Army 885w


    Environment protection 196w

    Information and communications technology 359w

    Young offender institutions 264w

Edwards, Jonathan

                  Chamber Debates

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency, Wales 469

    Broadcasting programmes, Welsh language 60-1w

    Business questions 1073

    College of Social Work 295w

    Devolution, Wales 62w

    Employment, Wales 321

    Excise duties, Motor vehicles 694w

    Mining, Industrial health and safety 1041

    South Wales railway line, Electrification 371w

    Traffic Commissioners, Wales 112w

Efford, Clive

                  Chamber Debates

    Werritty, Adam (10.10.2011) 31


    Freedom of expression 619w

    Politics and government 152w


Electoral Commission

    (11.10.2011) 304, (17.10.2011) 725

Electoral register

    166-8, 172, 176, 320w, 342-4w, 400-1w, 486w, 714w, 822-3w, 1020-1w, 1054w, 1099-101w (535 1-2mc)

Electric cables

Electric shock equipment



    Great Western railway line 566w

    South Wales railway line 371w

Electronic commerce

Electronic equipment

11 Downing Street

Elliott, Julie


    Bus services, Concessions 101-2w

    Retail trade, Competition 953w

    Sunderland Royal Hospital, Waiting lists 314-6w

    Warm front scheme 38w

Ellis, Michael


    Children's centres, Finance 612

Ellison, Jane

                  Chamber Debates

    Middle East, Politics and government (13.10.2011) 504

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Female genital mutilation, Prosecutions 178-9

Ellman, Mrs Louise

                  Chamber Debates

    High Speed 2 railway line (13.10.2011) 565

    Hillsborough Independent Panel (17.10.2011) 680-1

    Middle East, Politics and government (13.10.2011) 506


    Gatwick Airport, Railways 889w

    Rolling stock, Crossrail line 888-9w

    Rolling stock, Procurement 892w

    Rolling stock, Thameslink railway line 892w

Ellwood, Mr Tobias

                  Chamber Debates

    Afghanistan, Peacekeeping operations (18.10.2011) 767


    International baccalaureate, Dorset 360w

Elphicke, Charlie

                  Chamber Debates

    Economic and monetary union (10.10.2011) 60

    Employment (12.10.2011) 358, 438

    Fox, Liam (19.10.2011) 919

    Werritty, Adam (10.10.2011) 32


    EU grants and loans 15w

    Flags, Communities and Local Government 584w

    Government procurement card, Audit Commission 1057-8w

    Government procurement card, Criminal Records Bureau 647w

    Government procurement card, Department of Energy and Climate Change 1115w

    Government procurement card, Department of Health 546w, 773-4w

    Government procurement card, Export Credits Guarantee Department 948w

    Government procurement card, Financial Services Authority 694w

    Government procurement card, Home Office 505w

    Government procurement card, Identity and Passport Service 506w

    Government procurement card, Office of Fair Trading 977w

    Government procurement card, Office of Government Commerce 700w

    Government procurement card, Revenue and Customs 702-7w

    Government procurement card, Serious Fraud Office 660w

    Government procurement card, Serious Organised Crime Agency 654w

    Government procurement card, UK Border Agency 508w

    West Lothian question 340w

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