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Glass, Pat

                  Chamber Debates

    Pensions Bill (HL), Programme motion, Rep and 3R (18.10.2011) 799-802

    Schools (10.10.2011) 75

    Werritty, Adam (10.10.2011) 38-9

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Dance, Education (11.10.2011) 54-5wh

    Public transport, Disability (12.10.2011) 111wh


    Future Jobs Fund, Durham 931-2w

    Ministers, Conduct 330

    National insurance contributions, Durham 801w

    16-19 Bursary Fund 893

Gleision Colliery

Glen, John

                  Chamber Debates

    Planning permission (20.10.2011) 1147-9

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    NHS, Innovation (12.10.2011) 96-9wh


    Business questions 485

    Government procurement card, Highways Agency 105w

    Government procurement card, Revenue and Customs 695-8w

Glindon, Mrs Mary

                  Chamber Debates

    Planning permission (20.10.2011) 1108, 1134

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Bovine tuberculosis, Disease control (18.10.2011) 216-23wh



Godsiff, Mr Roger

                  Chamber Debates

    High Speed 2 railway line (13.10.2011) 566-9

Goggins, Rt Hon Paul

                  Chamber Debates

    National security (19.10.2011) 906

    Protection of Freedoms Bill, Rep and 3R (11.10.2011) 270-5


    Aviation, Northern Ireland 886-7

    Children in care, Bank services 621

    Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Bill 2010-12 318w

    Organs, Donors 736

Gold and foreign exchange reserves

Goldsmith, Zac

                  Chamber Debates

    Members, Mobile phones (13.10.2011) 535, 542


    Armed forces, Housing 866w

    Business, Loans 795w

    Chemicals, Regulation 606w

    Climate change, EU action 620w

    Croatia, EU enlargement 613w

    Derelict land, Regeneration 797w

    Economic and monetary union 693w

    Environment protection, Education 196w

    Environment protection, International assistance 459-60w

    Environment protection, Taxation 711w

    Fossil fuels, Export credit guarantees 271w

    Land Rover, Wolverhampton 755w

    Libya, Armed conflict 147w

    Members, Conduct 424w

    Offshore industry, Safety 463w

    Railways, Twickenham 112w

    Renewable energy, Feed-in tariffs 422-4w

    Renewables obligation 423w

    Sustainable development 913w

    Waterloo-Reading railway line 1199w

Goodman, Helen

                  Chamber Debates

    Economic and monetary union (10.10.2011) 54

    Werritty, Adam (10.10.2011) 29


    Ofcom, Freedom of information 1164w

Gove, Rt Hon Michael, Secretary of State for Education

                  Chamber Debates

    Schools (10.10.2011) 62-79

                  Written Statements


    Atlantic Bridge Education and Research Scheme 620

    Building schools for the future programme 623

    Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School 605-6

    Departmental responsibilities, Department for Education 618

    Further education, Admissions 622-4

    School milk 621

    Schools, Capital investment 575w

    Secondary education, Bermondsey 622

Government Art Collection

Government Car and Despatch Agency

Government Communications Headquarters

Government departments

    Data protection 976w

Government Equalities Office

Government procurement card

    Criminal Records Bureau 647w

    Department for Business, Innovation and Skills 557w

    Department for Culture, Media and Sport 539w, 1163w

    Department for International Development 578w

    Department for Transport 566w

    Department for Work and Pensions 932w

    Department of Energy and Climate Change 1115w

    Export Credits Guarantee Department 948w

    Financial Services Authority 694w

    Highways Agency 105w

    Homes and Communities Agency 449w

    Identity and Passport Service 506w

    Ministry of Justice 513w

    Northern Ireland Office 1142w

    Office of Fair Trading 977w

    Office of Government Commerce 700w

    Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 573w

    Scotland Office 571w

    Serious Fraud Office 660w

    Serious Organised Crime Agency 654w

    UK Border Agency 508w

Government responses

    "Intelligence and Security Committee Report 2010-11" 33-4ws

    Written questions 714w

Government's Workplace Rights Compliance and Enforcement Arrangements Review


Graham, Richard

                  Chamber Debates

    Economic and monetary union (10.10.2011) 60

    Employment (12.10.2011) 385, 389

    Parliamentary Contributory Pension Fund (17.10.2011) 652, 655

    Pensions Bill (HL), Programme motion, Rep and 3R (18.10.2011) 780, 783, 796, 800-4

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Civil disorder (13.10.2011) 146wh


    Archbishop of Canterbury, Southern Africa 475

    Special educational needs 609-10

Grant, Mrs Helen

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Domestic violence, Crime prevention (12.10.2011) 129wh


    Domestic violence, Prosecutions 181

Gray, Mr James

                  Chamber Debates

    Afghanistan, Peacekeeping operations (18.10.2011) 765

    Armed Forces Bill, Lords amendts (19.10.2011) 1012, 1015-6

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Academies, GCSE 604

    Bovine tuberculosis, Disease control 465

Grayling, Rt Hon Chris, Minister of State, Department for Work and Pensions

                  Written Statements

    Employment schemes 76ws

    EU Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council 15-6ws


    Access to work programme 223-4w

    Access to work programme, Barking 924w

    Anti-Slavery Day, Department for Work and Pensions 424w

    Atos Healthcare, Complaints 1203w

    Atos Healthcare, Misconduct 357w

    Atos Healthcare, Recruitment 255-6w

    Atos Healthcare, Romford 226-7w

    Aviation, Department for Work and Pensions 345-6w

    Billing, Department for Work and Pensions 927w, 1002w

    Buildings, Department for Work and Pensions 1002w

    Carbon monoxide, Poisoning 925w

    Chief scientific advisers, Department for Work and Pensions 346-7w

    Departmental responsibilities, Department for Work and Pensions 1085-6w

    Email, Department for Work and Pensions 1003w

    Employment and support allowance, Cancer 930-1w

    Employment and support allowance, Wales 228-30w

    Employment schemes, Offenders 639w

    Employment schemes, Telephone services 644w

    Enterprise allowance scheme 456w

    Enterprise allowance scheme, Wales 456w

    Furniture, Department for Work and Pensions 1204-5w

    Future Jobs Fund, Durham 931-2w

    Government procurement card, Department for Work and Pensions 932w

    Housing benefit, Leeds 234w

    Industrial health and safety 641-2w

    Industrial health and safety, Asbestos 636w

    Industrial health and safety, Construction 430w, 927w

    Industrial health and safety, Mining 934-5w

    Industrial health and safety, Prosecutions 350w

    Information and communications technology, Department for Work and Pensions 1205-6w

    Innovation Fund 236w

    Jobcentre Plus, Telephone services 430-4w

    Jobseeker's allowance, West Midlands 350w

    Legal opinion, Department for Work and Pensions 347-8w

    Means-tested benefits 350w

    New enterprise allowance 237w

    Official hospitality, Department for Work and Pensions 928w

    Pay, Department for Work and Pensions 1003w

    Regulation, Department for Work and Pensions 224-6w

    Security, Department for Work and Pensions 1206w

    Sick leave, Department for Work and Pensions 250-1w, 1003w

    Social security benefits, Appeals 1004-5w

    Social security benefits, EU nationals 251w, 937-8w

    Social security benefits, Exservicemen 1209w

    Social security benefits, Fraud 251-3w

    Social security benefits, Lone parents 1208-9w

    Social security benefits, Medical examinations 924-5w

    Social security benefits, Musculoskeletal disorders 935w

    Social security benefits, Polygamy 434-5w

    Social security benefits, Scotland 938w

    Stress, Department for Work and Pensions 355w, 644w

    Third sector, Department for Work and Pensions 939w

    Training, Department for Work and Pensions 1204w

    Unemployed people, Travel 931w

    Unemployment, Birmingham 253-4w

    Unemployment, Young people 355-6w

    Universal credit, Birmingham 356w

    Universal credit, Scotland 255w

    Work capability assessment, Autism 941-2w

    Work capability assessment, Brighton 428-9w

    Work capability assessment, Fibromyalgia 941w

    Work capability assessment, Health professions 256-7w, 357w

    Work capability assessment, Wales 1005-6w

    Working conditions, Temperature 942w

Great Western railway line

    Electrification 566w

Great Yarmouth

Greater London

    Civil disorder 67w

    Local government finance 17w

Greater Manchester

Greatrex, Tom

                  Chamber Debates

    High Speed 2 railway line (13.10.2011) 580, 582-3

    Hillsborough Independent Panel (17.10.2011) 716-8

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Cru Investment Management, Compensation (19.10.2011) 261-9wh


    Atos Healthcare, Manpower 344-5w

    Atos Healthcare, Misconduct 357w

    Broadband, EU action 537w

    Carbon sequestration, Finance 894

    Environment protection, Employment 1044-5

    Malawi, Demonstrations 628w

    Malawi, Human rights 628w

    Olympic Games 2012, Procurement 541-2w

    Widowed parents allowance 459w

    Work capability assessment 941w

    Work capability assessment, Fibromyalgia 941w


Green, Damian, Minister of State, Home Office

                  Chamber Debates

                  Written Statements


    Allowances, Home Office 957w

    Anti-Slavery Day, Home Office 375w

    Asylum, Appeals 377w

    Asylum, Commonwealth 646w

    Asylum, Finance 375w

    Asylum, Translation services 65w

    Aviation, Home Office 71w

    Consultants, Home Office 375-6w

    Deportation, Cameroon 75w

    Deportation, Ghana 896w

    Deportation, Offenders 501w (9-10mc)

    Detention centres, Police 76w

    Detention centres, Suicide 75-6w

    Dungavel House Immigration Removal Centre 76-7w

    Entry clearances, Appeals 377w

    Entry clearances, Birmingham 649w

    Entry clearances, Ghana 503-4w

    Entry clearances, Domestic service 1106w

    Entry clearances, Internet 99w

    EU nationals, Sentencing 78w

    Foreign workers 83w

    Foreign workers, EU nationals 649w

    Foreign workers, Nurses 505w

    Foreign workers, Tax collection 968w

    Forgery, Arrests 815w

    Government procurement card, Home Office 505w

    Human trafficking, Northern Ireland 962w

    Identity and Passport Service, Government procurement card 506w

    Identity and Passport Service, Newark 507w

    Identity and Passport Service, Wales 80w

    Illegal immigrants, Employment 81w, 1074w

    Illegal immigrants, Finance 506w

    Immigrants, Detainees 81-2w

    Immigrants, English language 500w

    Immigration, Armed forces 379w

    Legal opinion, Home Office 73-4w

    Lighters, Import controls 135-6w

    Location, Home Office 813w

    Marriage of convenience 83-4w

    Pay, Home Office 813w

    Press releases, Home Office 647w

    Salah, Raed 95w

    Travel, Home Office 1072w

    UK Border Agency, Government procurement card 508w

    UK Border Agency, Manpower 964w

    UK Border Agency, Termination of employment 98w

    UK Border Agency, Translation services 380w

Green, Kate

                  Chamber Debates

    Pensions Bill (HL), Programme motion, Rep and 3R (18.10.2011) 781, 808-9, 820, 822, 843


    Business questions 1065

    Churches, Theft 473

    Domestic violence, Prosecutions 180

    Forced Marriage Unit, Finance 1010w

    Forced Marriage Unit, Manpower 1010w

    National Offender Management Service, Manpower 515w

    Prisoners, Injuries 510w

    UK Border Agency, Manpower 964w

    Youth services 623

Green belt

    Property development 485w

Green deal scheme

Green Investment Bank

Greening, Rt Hon Justine, Secretary of State for Transport from 17 October 2011.Previously Economic Secretary


    Aviation, Treasury 125w

    Bank of England, Public appointments 122w

    Chief scientific advisers, Treasury 125-6w

    Departmental responsibilities, Treasury 478-9w

    Dorneywood, Treasury 479w

    Economic policy 127w

    Economic situation, International cooperation 128w

    11 Downing Street, Official hospitality 121-2w

    EU budget, Contributions 63-4w

    European Investment Bank 417w

    Excise duties, Biofuels 693w

    High Speed 2 railway line 979w

    Members, Correspondence 480w

    News Corporation, Treasury 480-1w

    Planning permission 135w

    Publications, Treasury 126w

    Surveys, Treasury 126w

    Wallis, Neil, Treasury 480w

    Written questions, Treasury 127w

Greenwood, Lilian

                  Chamber Debates

    Courts, Interpreters (10.10.2011) 156

    Pensions Bill (HL), Programme motion, Rep and 3R (18.10.2011) 788, 790, 809-11

    Schools (10.10.2011) 68

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Public transport, Disability (12.10.2011) 120-3wh


    Youth services, Redundancy 1126w

Grieve, Rt Hon Mr Dominic, Attorney General


    Consultants, Attorney General 859-62w

    Crown Prosecution Service, Finance 179-80

    Departmental responsibilities, Attorney General 1053-4w

    Domestic violence, Prosecutions 180-1

    Female genital mutilation, Prosecutions 178-9

    Forensic Science Service 183-4

    Furniture, Attorney General 659w

    Hillsborough Stadium, Attorney General 660w

    Human trafficking, Prosecutions 181-3

    Legal opinion, Attorney General 656-9w

    Newspaper press, Telephone tapping 1155w

    Official visits, Israel 655w

    Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006 661w

    Serious Fraud Office, Government procurement card 660w

Griffith, Nia

                  Chamber Debates

    Economic and monetary union (10.10.2011) 55

    Pensions Bill (HL), Programme motion, Rep and 3R (18.10.2011) 811-3


    Agricultural Wages Board, Wales 1201w

    Business questions 489

    Job creation, Wales 320

    Telephone services, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills 263-4w

    Werritty, Adam 328

Griffiths, Andrew


    Government procurement card 483-4w

Group of Twenty

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