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Nimrod aircraft

Nokes, Caroline

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Bus services, Rural areas (11.10.2011) 27wh

    Dangerous dogs (19.10.2011) 288wh

    Green belt (18.10.2011) 196wh

    Ovarian cancer (12.10.2011) 84-5wh


    Arms trade, Exports 4-5

    Teachers, Training 609

Non-domestic rates

    Republic of Ireland 810w

    Yorkshire and the Humber 18-9w

Norman, Jesse

                  Chamber Debates


    Environment protection, Employment 1043-4

North Africa

    Politics and government (13.10.2011) 495-513

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

    see NATONorth East

    General practitioners 303w

North Korea

North Sea oil

North West

    Health services 547w

    Radio frequencies 596w

North Yorkshire

Northern Ireland

    Corporation tax 983w

    Credit unions 884

    Entry clearances 649w

    Human trafficking 962w

    Immigration controls 369w

    Motor vehicles (19.10.2011) 1024-32

    Political parties 886

    Politics and government 985w

Northern Ireland Grand Committee

Northern Ireland Office

    Government procurement card 1142w

    Official hospitality 984w

Northern Ireland Parades Commission

    see Parades Commission


    Criminal injuries compensation 400w

Nuclear installations

Nuclear power

Nuclear power stations

Nuclear reactors

Nuclear weapons



Nursing homes

    see Care homes


    Developing countries 418w

Nuttall, Mr David

                  Chamber Debates

    Economic and monetary union (10.10.2011) 60

    Master's Degrees (Minimum Standards) Bill, 2R adjourned (21.10.2011) 1237-41

    Members, Mobile phones (13.10.2011) 542


    Business questions 1062

    Dangerous dogs 467

    Deportation, Cameroon 75w

    Nuclear power stations, Safety 190

    Social security benefits, Fraud 251w

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