Education Bill

Memorandum submitted by Cathedral School (E 58)

1. Cathedral School is a Secondary School in WAKEFIELD, West Yorkshire. We decided to teach Emergency Life Support (ELS) Skills in our school because we wanted to promote the skills to our students and wider community through healthy schools.

2. ELS skills are the set of actions needed to keep someone alive until professional help arrives. They include performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), dealing with choking, serious bleeding and helping someone that may be having a heart attack.

3. Cathedral School teaches ELS as part of the British Heart Foundation Heart start training scheme.

4. Cathedral School teaches ELS to 300 + children aged 11-19 per year.

5. They are taught ELS in LIFE and B-tec sport and other smaller group activities.

6. Cathedral School believes that ELS should be made a compulsory part of the National Curriculum in England because it gives them the confidence to take control of a situation where a person needs emergency aid. We would like to encourage the Committee to amend the Education Bill to make this possible.

7. The students enjoy the hands on approach to learning, team building and social skills. The learning is age appropriate and delivered in smaller groups and inclusive. Most students have found the course interesting. Many bring to the sessions their own life experiences.

8. Students report back that the sessions have enhanced their confidence and responsibilities; that they would be able to carry out basic skills in a life situation taking ownership for their actions.

9. Teachers enjoy presenting the course to the students, but, dependant on the group size can struggle over a four week period. Therefore, on week four we do more extended work helping young people identify emergency and urgent care services available to them. Whereabouts to effectively navigate the range of services e.g. 999/118, NHS direct, NHS Choices, GP, Walk in centre – minor injuries/ illness, Accident & Emergency.

March 2011