Energy Bill

Memorandum submitted by ESTA Energy Services and Technology Association (EN 28)

ESTA is the UK Industry Body representing suppliers of products, systems and services for Energy Management. The 120 members cover Energy Consultants, meter, AMR and controls manufacturers through to full Energy Services/Contract Energy Management.

ESTA is engaged with UK Government policies on Energy and Climate Change, The Green Deal, Energy Performance of Building Directive, Part L Building Regulations, Display Energy Certificates, Carbon Reduction Commitment, Energy Services Directive and the roll-out of smart and advanced meters. It also provides UK input to developing international energy management standards and Chairs several BSI committees.

ESTA members are key to the realisation of a low carbon, secure and affordable energy future. Our members provide equipment, systems and services for energy management to reduce energy demand at source and including renewables.

Our response is a majority consensus of the members involved. Where ESTA members respond directly, they may offer differing opinions on some issues which we respect as expressing their own definitive view.

Key points:-

¨ ESTA supports the call for the use of Display Energy Certificates(DEC) in private/commercial as well as public sector buildings.

¨ ESTA would like to make DECs compulsory for all commercial/public sector buildings over 500m2 whether accessible to the public or private.

¨ We would also like to see more linkage of building performance to incentivise owners and occupiers; such as linking business rates to the rating achieved.

¨ ESTA as a proponent of energy efficiency measures would like to see both Display Energy Certificates and Energy Performance Certificates used together to maximise efficiencies from both usage and performance.

Have your say on the Energy Bill [HL]

1.1 ESTA fully supports amendment 137/1381 to the Energy Bill submitted on 9 June mandating all premises to hold, display and maintain Display Energy Certificates (DEC).

1.2 It is vitally important that the inclusion of DECs is within the Energy Bill in order to secure its future remit within the broader context of energy efficiency initiatives.

1.3 In addition, ESTA would go further and suggests that DECs are made compulsory for publicly accessible buildings of all sizes in both the Public Sector and Private/Commercial Sector and also to make DECs compulsory for all buildings over 500m2 with a reduction in the area/size threshold in the future.

1.4 DECs are an important part of the energy efficiency agenda. Maximising awareness is a key aspect of a good campaign and DECs can be used to highlight and support the work being carried out under the scope of the Energy Performance Certificate.

1.5 DECs will give us a better understanding of how our buildings are performing at a practical level and provide energy and facilities managers with a tool to educate and encourage a sensible approach to using energy.

1.6 With this in mind we would also like to see a link between building performance and business rates to incentivise owners and occupiers to maximise the use of their energy efficiency installations.

1.7 With greater renewable sources coming on stream and better performing, more energy efficient products being rolled out, efficient use will need a shot in the arm as we progress towards 2020 and beyond.

June 2011

1Amendment 137/138

Public Bill Committee: 9 June 2011

137 Energy Bill [Lords] continued

Display energy certificates

Zac Goldsmith

Caroline Lucas

Luciana Berger

Huw Irranca-Davies

Dr Alan Whitehead


To move the following Clause:-


The Secretary of State must within twelve months of the passing of this Act make regulations requiring all premises to which this section applies to display in a prominent place a Display Energy Certificate relating to the premises.


In this section "Display Energy Certificate" has the meaning given in section 17 of the Energy Performance of Buildings (Certificates and Inspections) (England and Wales) Regulations 2007.

Public Bill Committee: 9 June 2011

138 Energy Bill [Lords] continued


This section applies to all non-domestic premises of a size and type to be specified in the regulations.’.

Prepared 22nd June 2011