Health and Social Care Bill

Memorandum submitted by Roger Rymer (HS 21)

I am writing as a member of the Central Lancashire PCT Patient Focus Group, a member of the Lancashire Over 50s Assembly and Chairman of a Patient Representative Group at a large GP practice.

I would refer you to clauses 21 and 22 and the proposed insertions in the NHS Act 2006 contained therein and specifically to insertion 14P (2) which states -

"The consortium must make arrangements to secure that individuals to whom the services are being or may be provided are involved (whether by being consulted or provided with information or in other ways)-"

I would ask that this rather loose and vague requirement be strengthened by requiring every consortium to establish a patient representative group with whom they will consult on a regular basis and in a meaningful way. This should be a mandatory requirement in order to ensure public involvement at this critical decision-making level.

February 2011