Health and Social Care Bill

Memorandum submitted by Jane Schofield (HS 76)

RE: concerns about the Health and Social Care Bill.

· Forcing commissioners to tender contracts to any willing provider will destabilise local health economies and fragment care for patients. Commissioning should work with hospital and community care colleagues and patients to develop the care pathways that provide the best care for their patients, without challenge from Monitor.

· David Bennett talking about Tesco style healthcare is ludicrous and shows a fundamental misunderstanding of clinical care priorities and the evidence of how to improve quality.  Competition is not proven to raise standards of care unless the patients’ can afford to pay the costs - Evidence shows that price competition leads to a reduction in care quality overall. My experience is that now privatised utilities and transport cost more and provide a worse service.

· The NHS has the highest approval rating ever. Mr Lansley’s claims about poor outcomes are discredited. NHS rates are improving fast for Cancer and heart disease.

· These major, untested reforms area massive gamble based on little evidence. The Bill will have a significant negative impact on the future of NHS services, its workforce, and public health. There is no going back.

· Andrew Lansley gave a pre-election pledge that there would be no major re-organisation

· I will not be able to trust my doctor- I know that funding holding saving and Qof payments have gone into doctors pockets. Will I not get tested because they are saving money or is it really because I don’t need it? Will I get sent to the service my GP owns, regardless of whether it is the best so he can get the kick back or the profits?

· Mr Lansley is forcing  England towards an American style healthcare system. The World Health Organisation has ranked the US healthcare system as the highest in cost, 37th in overall performance and 72nd by overall level of health amongst the 191 member nations surveyed .

Please do not let bill pass.

March 2011