Health and Social Care Bill

Memorandum submitted by Janet Porthouse (HS 78)

I wish to submit the question as to where NHS Continuing Healthcare sits within the context of the changes currently suggested in the Health and Social Care Bill.

This area of funding ongoing care needs for individuals with a Primary need for Healthcare is little understood in the communities by professionals or the public. It is a very costly process, though necessary, to ensure clients do not fund their healthcare.

Are GP’s realistically aware as to the financial risks in this area which is considered using a National Framework? If they are willing to accept this into their remit and the consortia, will they be expected to abide by the Framework which is guidance rather than legislation? The process relies on fairness and equity of consideration and provision of care, but I have as yet not been able to find anything within the witness statements or the Bill itself.

Have the committee considered this area of healthcare?

March 2011