Health and Social Care Bill

Memorandum submitted by David Feather (HS 79)

Evidence to the Public Bill Committee 3 March 2011 submitted as a private individual by David Feather (retired chartered engineer)


1 The case for such a drastic change in the NHS in such a short time has not been put forward with sufficient reference to all available research information. An amendment to the proposed Clause 2A (2) is submitted.

Justification for My Submission

2 In The Guardian Newspaper of 5th February 2011 Ben Goldacre cited various research sources that throw the Secretary of State’s assertions of benefit of GP management into doubt.

2.1 Kay in 2002 found it was introduced and abolished without any evidence of its effects. Presumably there was a lot of wasted expenditure involved.

2.2 Greener and Mannion in 2006 found a mix of good and bad, but no evidence that it improved patient care.

2.3 Coulter in 1995 found nothing but gaps in the evidence and no sign of any improvement in efficiency, responsiveness or quality.

2.4 Petchley found there was insufficient data to make any judgement.

3 The results of the voluntary scheme in Cumbria will not necessarily be achieved with a compulsory scheme. My long experience in work and leisure has shown this very clearly.

Proposed Amendment to the Bill

4 In proposed Clause 1A (2) add "and demonstrate that this improvement will be achieved by showing that sufficient research supports any action proposed and carrying out appropriate Impact Assessments.".

March 2011