Localism Bill

Memorandum submitted by Councillor Adrian Naylor (L 79)


I am Adrian Naylor a councillor at Bradford Metropolitan District Council and Chair of the Children's and Young people's Scrutiny committee and have just chaired a session on creating a scrutiny network for the local government Yorkshire and Humber association which gave rise to the issues set out bellow.


The following may be of relevance regarding the above bill.



1. If a referendum can be called by 5% of the electorate what is the definition of the electorate? If a ward with an electorate of 12,000  calls a referendum for say daily bin collections, which affects the District Council, is the 5% of the electorate 5% of 12,000 or 5% of the District in this case 5% of 500,000?

2. Using the same example who gets to decide the wording of the referendum, the people calling for it or the District Council affected by it?

Community Assets


1. If an asset is in private ownership but is deemed to be a community asset can the private owner sell it without going through the six month notice period?

2. If not what happens if the private organisation or individual suffers, as a result,  financial loss due to having to wait who is liable if anyone?

3. Once a community asset is transferred what protection does it have regarding the organisation running it if they run into financial difficulties?


February 2011