Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill

Memorandum submitted by Sithney Parish Council (PR 112)

The Members of Sithney Parish Council object to the implementation of the Bill for the reasons as stated below:

1 The cost of implementing such changes – challenging times ahead due to the Government’s attempt to reduce the budget deficit – why introduce a new system of police governance to commence right in the middle of the period when the cuts will bite the deepest?

2 The geographic challenge – The South West is a vast area – how can one person represent the views of a community in West Cornwall when they are based in Exeter?

This will effect community engagement.

3 Bringing politics into policing – likely that PCCs will stand on a political or single-issue ticket.

The above objections have also been identified as the 3 key objections by Devon & Cornwall Police Authority. I would be grateful if the above concerns which are reiterated by Sithney Parish Council are also put forward.

February 2011