Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill

Memorandum submitted by Mary Robinson (PR 31)

Dear Sirs

As part of the consultation process I would like to put forward my objections to this ill thought out idea.

The existing Police Authority has representation from local people, local council members and has a vast number of skills and abilities you would not find in one person.

This government says it wishes to be closer to the public and give power to local people something I cannot for the life of me think this would be achieved in one person.

Not one to admit that some things the last Government got right easily is the general success of the CDRP’s which of course have working with them members of the Police Authority taking on board all the issues that had to be dealt with and working with the Police and CDRP to deliver on the identified priorities in the Strategic Assessment.

As a chairman of our local CDRP for 4 years I feel I am rightly placed to be able to comment on this proposal.

I urge you to speak to Theresa May and do something to change this ill conceived idea before we make changes which I do not anticipate will benefit our local community.

Mary Robinson

Community Portfolio Holder Eden District Council

January 2011