Protection of Freedoms Bill

Memorandum submitted by Steve Purkiss (PF 45)

I write to object to the proposal to ban wheel clamping on private land.

I'd also like to enquire as to how an allegedly impartial committee is comprised of Lynne Featherstone (the person proposing the ban), Gareth Johnston (who supported the 2010 ban on wheel clamping), Dianne Johnston (who was clamped and charged £250.00), plus the AA and RAC who are both already widely known to openly oppose wheel clamping?   

Whom may I ask will be representing private land owners whose property is currently protected?

Why isn't the proposal being heard by a totally impartial committee that have shown no previous views or stances?

Should the bill be agreed would the committee like to explain how I am to protect my property successfully? Issuing parking fines is not an active deterrent. I'm sure that if the time was taken to communicate with any Local Authority that currently issue tickets they would be able to to advise how many millions of pounds they have outstanding in unpaid parking fines. As a transport manager I have personally witnessed parking charges that have escalated into hundreds of pounds after the drivers claimed to have not received the initial ticket. How is this an improvement to the existing clamping system? 

I have employed a legitimate clamping company (National Clamps) for over two years now and their signs alone have acted as a deterrent. During this time only one vehicle has been clamped and charged £80.00.

Prior to employing National Clamps I had various arguments with inconsiderate motorists and on at least two occasions have been physically threatened.

Why can't legislation against 'cowboy' clampers be brought in as opposed to the 'nanny state' trying to stop me protecting my own property?

April 2011