Protection of Freedoms Bill

Memorandum submitted by Brian Griffiths (PF 46)

I run a small business and have limited parking available to my customers who I depend on.

Previous to engaging the services of a clamping firm my car park was always being used by motorists and other traders who had business elsewhere.

Consequently my customers could not park and this severely handicapped my business.

I would have had to give up the business if I had not been able to warn other motorists that they would be clamped if they used my car park.

It would be impractical to install and operate a secure barrier and it would be impractical to issue penalty tickets which may or may not get paid.

I just wanted to have the use of my own car parking for my customers and to be able to carry on my business.

For the last three years I have engaged a clamping firm who would charge a maximum £80.00 release fee.

Signs are prominently placed and no vehicle has ever had to be clamped and I am still in business and paying the government hard earned taxes.

Please do not ban clamping firms in total but instead consider more stringent regulation to get rid of the "cowboy clampers".

April 2011