Superannuation Bill

Memorandum submitted by Brian Dignon (SU 04)

The Superannuation Bill is a blatant attack on the terms and conditions of loyal and hard working Civil Servants especially the employees on £24k and lower.

The previous Government was defeated not once but twice on this matter in Court.

The former Labour Government sought to cap compensation payments to a maximum two years pay.  This Bill does far greater damage.

Staff now find themselves with the very real possibility of being made redundant by this ConDem Alliance and compensated with a maximum fifteen months pay (If they go quietly).  I know of some staff who were going to use their compensation payments to retrain e.g. by attending College but on these reduced terms it is just not affordable.

An example of the damage this Government will do is:

A Colleague earns £20k per annum and has nearly thirty years service at band E1 level.  His whole life has been dedicated to the Civil Service doing a job to the best of his ability.  He rightly, is entitled to around £60k compensation in the event of being made redundant.  He now finds himself in a situation where after all these years of service he is entitled to £20k compensation on this new "scheme".  How is this fair?

I agree that the current situation needs looked at but to attack the vast majority of loyal Civil Servants at the lower end of the pay scale is indefensible.

May I offer a solution?  Reform the MP’s Resettlement Grant by cutting it to £15k, after all MP’s are essentially on a fixed term Contract.  The Government is not interested in playing fair; this Government is only interested in attacking the very people who keep it upright.  

To summarise, this Government has imposed a pay freeze, it then intends to tear up our terms and conditions by imposing a compensation cap and finally if we get to retirement age we will have to decide whether to heat our home or eat.

September 2010