Superannuation Bill

Memorandum submitted by Stephen Travis (SU 13)

I am currently employed by the Ministry of Justice. I currently earn 11,705 per year. I currently have 18 years service, and aged 50; I will be one of the people who this will have a devastating impact if this new bill is implemented. I feel it is important that the committee actually see the implications it will have on the lowest paid and although we hear about how they are going to address the impact on the lowest paid, I am currently entitled to a lump sum of 29,945 and a pension too retirement age of 4,096 being 60. Under the new proposals, I will receive 11,705 this against a total of 79,097, does anyone realise the implications of someone at the lowest paid will mean for losing my job, and how anyone with a moral value can understand the impact this will have on myself, no matter what party who will sanction something against the lowest paid civil servant must immediately address this disgraceful and immoral situation.                         

September 2010