Superannuation Bill

Memorandum submitted by Jeff Thompson (SU 15)

1 ) Written Evidence by Jeff Thompson International Trade Advisor (HEO) I am currently on placement with Business and Enterprise North East from the Government Office for the North East delivering services on behalf of UKTI.

2) I am a 56 year old Citizen of BIS previously BERR and before that DTI etc going back to November 8 1971 when I started work for the Board of Trade. In that time I have worked on many teams both in and outside the Civil Service in the North East of England frequently working with or attached to the private sector.

3) I work with "private sector" International Trade Advisors who are paid many thousands of pounds more than I receive and this has been the case for many years. However when I have challenged this the argument has been that my pension and final lump sum payment is worth a lot of money so this will balance out in the long run. How scandalous therefore to now be told that was a lie and in fact I am now not going to get anything like that I had expected , in fact as I am over 50 the proposed cap will reduce my existing entitlement by two thirds .This will have a major impact on my future given the current economic climate and employment position in this region where there is a heavy dependency on the public sector, I am likely to find myself out of work with very little funding in area of high unemployment and as a 56 year old will have little chance to be re-employed.

4) I am left with little choice other than to believe that the current Government are simply aiming to achieve cuts for politically motivated reasons and are targeting those who cannot fight back ,and in my case have given their working lives in service to the country and serving whichever colour of Government was in power equally.

5) I will have served 39 years on November 8 2010 having been paid poorly for most of that time and my reward will be to be robbed. I can think of no other word to clearly state how I feel.

September 2010