Superannuation Bill

Memorandum submitted by David Cowell (SU17)

I am aged 35 and have worked for 13 years in the Civil Service having worked for Department of Environment, Transport and the Regions (DETR) and its successor Department of Transport, Local Government and the Regions (DTLR) from 1997 – 2000 and for the Home Office for the last ten years having been based in the Government Office network from 2002.

1. As a member of the Government Office network which is facing closure "in principle" I face a very real threat of compulsory redundancy early next year. Given that I live in the north east region, finding alternative employment within the Civil Service will be difficult; opportunities on CSVacs are somewhat limited and are likely to reduce further as a consequence of the spending review . There also appears to be very little opportunity within the private sector for employment; given that all private sector employers advertising potentially suitable vacancies are looking for experience in that particular sector. Given that the north east relies fairly heavily on the public sector for employment (not to mention its poor economic and employment situation when compared with other regions) I feel it will be almost impossible to find alternative employment.

2. If the Bill is passed I will lose out on additional redundancy payments which I could have used to reduce my mortgage. This would have made a significant inroad into the monthly payment amounts which I would have to re pay and would lead to greater chance of keeping the property .

3. As it stands, and if the Bill is passed, it is highly likely that my house will be re-possessed by the lender and I will become homeless as well as probably jobless. This is an unsatisfactory and stressful situation for anyone to be placed in and is even more disappointing given that I thought I had taken a sensible approach to my personal finances in terms of what I could reasonably afford.

4. Lastly, a s a result of the Bills removal of what are seen to be my accrued rights, I will face severe hardship through no fault of my own.

September 2010