Superannuation Bill

Memorandum submitted by Susan Doolan (SU 31)

Civil Service Compensation Scheme - The Money Bill

 My age is currently 51, being with the Civil Service for 35 years.  I joined the Department of Trade and Industry on 4 August 1975, aged 16, and remained with the North East Regional Trade and Industry office based in Newcastle, working on various functions of their work.  I started as a Clerical Assistant and after promotions I currently am a Senior Executive Office. With the introduction of Government Offices, the work of DTI was subsumed into this office and therefore became a Government Office employee, although DTI (now DBIS) remains my parent Department.

 This Bill if passed will affect me drastically, as the cap will result in a reduction of two thirds of my existing entitlement.  I have no private pension, as independent financial advisers have always recommended not to take out any private schemes due to the terms and conditions of my employment and the entitlements I would receive.  I now am unable to even consider taking out any scheme due to being a member of the Government Office Network, which is subject to closure, and therefore face a significant risk of compulsory redundancy.  Given the current economic and employment position in the regions and the North East's heavy dependency on the public sector, where 60% of GDP relates to public spending, finding alternative employment will be difficult.   Consequently, as a result of the Bills removal of what are considered to be accrued rights I will be facing severe financial hardship through no fault of my own.  My husband is also a Civil Servant with 39 years’ service, facing the same threats, which will result in our household being severely affected by this Bill.

 Your consideration to my objection to the passing of this Bill would be appreciated.

September 2010