Superannuation Bill

Memorandum submitted by Mike Weston (SU 49)

As a voter and public servant I wish to inform the public Bill Committee of my views on the Superannuation Bill 2010-11.

The passage of this bill has a potential significant impact on my family’s financial future. This is particularly unfair given that the majority of my working life has been in direct support of the defence of the United Kingdom while employed as a specialist by the Ministry of Defence.

1 Using a Money bill for this purpose is unconstitutional and unparalleled abuse of Parliamentary procedure.

2 It breaches the European Convention on Human Rights.

3 It is discriminatory against Civil Servants.

4 This bill ignores my accrued rights of continuous employment of 36 years in the same department.

5 Compensation to my family in the event of Redundancy would be cut by 66.6%

I would suggest the passage of this bill in this manner would be a poor indictment of the loyalty and professionalism shown by many like myself who have served the United Kingdom for many years and are who are being punished because of financial mismanagement by others.

September 2010