Superannuation Bill

Memorandum submitted by Joan Laws (SU 60)

I am a 57 year old PCSPS Scheme member, who has been in the scheme since July 1971 giving a total of 39 years.

1. I began my service in the Ministry for Technology and also served in the Civil Service Sports Council for a period of 5 years, before returning to my parent department.

2. I have also worked in the Small Business Service before being TUPE’d over to the RDA ONE NorthEast in 2004.

3. As an employee in the last few years of my service, the Bill, if passed will have serious financial repercussions on me personally; the cap will result in a reduction of two thirds of my existing entitlement.

4. As a result of the announcement of the closure of the RDA’s, I will be made unemployed with little hope of securing further employment given the state of the employment market in the north East and the high levels of unemployment.

5. I will find that my expected pension will be reduced substantially from that which I have worked hard to build over the years, resulting in possible years of unexpected and unnecessary financial hardship.

6. I urge you to reconsider this Bill and work together to find a fairer way of reducing the deficit. This Bill will have a severe impact on those of us who have been contributing to the economy and who are PCSPS members.

7. Personally I have never been so afraid of what lies ahead as a result of Government actions. I urge you to think about this not only with common sense but also with compassion towards those of us who will feel the affects almost immediately, haven given many years of service to Queen and country.

September 2010