Superannuation Bill

Memorandum submitted by Paul Stubbs (SU 78)

I currently work for Onenortheast (RDA) and have done so since 1999 when it was created having been subsumed from English Partnerships for whom I had 5 years employment.

I will be significantly worse off financially causing hardship to my family should the Bill be passed.

I chose not to join the private sector on several occasions on the strength of my public sector service benefits ie pension and redundancy terms as part of my contract of employment-these are now in distinct danger of being severely reduced if the Bill is passed.

I intend taking my case to the European Court to gain justice if the Bill is not modified .

I consider the Bill should apply to new members only thereby people are fully aware at the beginning of their employment as to what terms they are entering into. It is inequitable to alter existing contractual terms.

September 2010