Welfare Reform Bill

Memorandum submitted by Marilyn Bernard (WR 01)

My views are that the current welfare reform bill does the following:


1. Takes away a disabled persons ability to be independently mobile by withdrawing the DLA mobility component for those in residential care.


2, constantly forcing a disabled person to prove their disability for benefit payment is degrading and is harassment of the worst kind


3. Forcing disabled people to live constantly in fear never knowing when they will be re-assessed and by whom.


4. Forcing councils to withdraw services and support to the disabled community by stopping funds to the voluntary sector and to their own in-house services


5. Not consulting with disabled people and/or their carers directly before making changes that will cause unacceptable hardship and extreme stress e.g. the welfare reform bill, consultations which are not genuine e.g. DLA and PIP


6. Not honouring Indefinite decisions made current claimants of DLA


7.  Already deciding that DLA will be scrapped for a lesser benefit and a harder to get one too, namely PIP


8. Using a company like ATOS to assess vulnerable people when they have no knowledge or understanding of the people they are assessing, and are paid by results.


9. Welfare reform put on hold and the disabled community given special treatment and respect they deserve.


I hope these points will be considered.

March 2011