Welfare Reform Bill

Memorandum submitted by Jeff Page (WR 07)


My name is Jeff Page. I am 61 years old and currently disabled.

A great deal of my working life was in the building industry. I worked for various companies, where I learnt a lot of just how they treated their employees and in general how the management controlled the businesses.

I subsequently became self-employed and took on employees.

Since becoming disabled myself I have come to realise just how frustrating daily life can be. I recently returned my Motability car when my contract ended. I now rely on taxis in order to get around. The cost has rocketed due to the rising cost of oil on the world market. A lot of my DLA is being spent just being able to get around, but the cost is still rising and my monthly allowance can sometimes disappear within 2 weeks. Things are not as rosy as some Cabinet members seem to think.


To change the system will inevitably create problems for a great many elderly people who are currently in residential care.

Personally, I was brought up to respect my elders. This is something that is sadly lacking in modern society, and it's becoming very apparent that this current government is condoning this and is in fact taking the lead by this all out attack on the most vulnerable. A lot of elderly people served our country during WW2 and this is something that should never be forgotten. A decent standard of living for our elderly far outweighs the cost. Governments tend to be more concerned with cold hard cash, rather than the devastating effect these changes make to a person’s independence and wellbeing.


In summary, the government agency responsible for initiating these proposals would be better employed in searching out those who abuse the system. It shouldn't be too difficult, it needs cooperation between DWP and GPs. Instead of taking the easy option by penalising the old and infirm, spend the money wisely and target those ripping the system off. Records from GPs and local Hospitals are easily accessed, it just means using common sense rather than the study of rules and regulations which seem to be more of a hindrance than help.

March 2011