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Further written evidence from Advantage West Midlands

  With reference to the hearing which I attended on 7 September, and with particular reference to Question 27, I said I would provide the precise figures for the effect of reductions in AWM's budget for year commencing April 2011. The figures are as follows:

Year 2011-12
AWM Budgets as
understood on
5 May 2010
AWM Budgets as
understood on
7 September 2010

Single Pot£180,503 98,437
Total227,366 144,200

  This represents an overall reduction of 36%, in the funding available to AWM, between early May and the date of the Committee hearing.

  For the sake of completeness, I should mention also that we have, since 7 September, been asked to calculate the effects of further substantial cuts affecting 2011-12 but, to the best of our knowledge, no decision has been made as to whether such further cuts will be enacted.

21 September 2010

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Prepared 9 December 2010