Abolition of Regional Spatial Strategies: a planning vacuum? - Communities and Local Government Committee Contents

List of additional written evidence

(published in Volume II on the Committee's website www.parliament.uk/clgcom)
23Dr Tim Leunig, LSE (ARSS 01) Ev w
24John Halstead (ARSS 02) Ev w
25National Plot Owners Association (ARSS 03) Ev w
26Lower Broadheath Parish Council (ARSS 04) Ev w
27Jim Parke (ARSS 05) Ev w
28Jim Parke (supplementary) (ARSS 05A) Ev w
29Steve Tremlett (ARSS 06) Ev w
30Paul Cheshire, LSE (ARSS 07) Ev w
31Blaby District Council (ARSS 08) Ev w
32Bedfordshire Councils Planning Consortium (ARSS 10) Ev w
33Mr & Mrs D Thorpe (ARSS 11) Ev w
34Tring Town Council (ARSS 12) Ev w
35Pentland Homes Ltd (ARSS 13) Ev w
36McCarthy & Stone (ARSS 14) Ev w
37Star Planning and Developement (ARSS 15) Ev w
38West Midlands Regional Sustainability Forum (ARSS 17) Ev w
39Dr Helen Chadwick (ARSS 18) Ev w
40Gazeley UK Ltd (ARSS 19) Ev w
41RIBA (ARSS 20) Ev w
42English Rural Action Ltd (ARSS 22) Ev w
43CBI Minerals Group (ARSS 23) Ev w
44Save Our Green Spaces (ARSS 24) Ev w
45SSE (ARSS 25) Ev w
46Robert Hitchins Limited (ARSS 26) Ev w
47The Community Law Partnership (ARSS 27) Ev w
48Community and Regional Planning Services (ARSS 28) Ev w
49Rail Freight Group (ARSS 29) Ev w
50ENPAA (ARSS 30) Ev w
51Janet Mackinnon MA (ARSS 31) Ev w
52Joseph Rowntree Foundation (ARSS 32) Ev w
53Whitechurch Village Action Group (ARSS 34) Ev w
54Association of Regional Observatories (ARSS 35) Ev w
55Mills & Reeve LLP (ARSS 37) Ev w
56Pegasus Planning Group Ltd (ARSS 38) Ev w
57Galliford Try (ARSS 39) Ev w
58Councillor Professor Alan Townsend (ARSS 40) Ev w
59Npower Renewables Ltd (ARSS 41) Ev w
60CPRE South East (ARSS 42) Ev w
61Crest Nicholson Plc (ARSS 43) Ev w
62Traveller Law Reform Project and Friends, Families and Travellers (ARSS 44) Ev w
63Hogan Lovells International Llp (ARSS 45) Ev w
64Finham Residents Association (ARSS 46) Ev w
65Keymer Cavendish (ARSS 47) Ev w
66E'ON (ARSS 49) Ev w
67Dr Angus Murdoch (ARSS 50) Ev w
68Oldham Common Save our Green Spaces (ARSS 51) Ev w
69South Wiltshire Agenda 21 (ARSS 52) Ev w
70North West Transport Roundtable (ARSS 53) Ev w
71Irish Traveller Movement in Britain (ARSS 54) Ev w
72The Gypsy Council (ARSS 55) Ev w
73Eric Avebury, Professor Thomas Acton OBE, Professor Alan Townsend, Andrew Ryder, Marc Willers (ARSS 56) Ev w
74Hallam Land Management Ltd (ARSS 57) Ev w
75Harborough District Council (ARSS 59) Ev w
76Graham Pearce, Aston University, and Sarah Ayres, Bristol University (ARSS 60) Ev w
77County Councils Network (ARSS 61) Ev w
78The Law Society (ARSS 63) Ev w
79Residential Landlords Association (ARSS 64) Ev w
80David Lock Associates (ARSS 66) Ev w
81Ashfield District Council (ARSS 67) Ev w
82House Builders Association (ARSS 69) Ev w
83Retirement Housing Group (ARSS 70) Ev w
84Building and Social Housing Foundation (ARSS 71) Ev w
85Freight on Rail (ARSS 72) Ev w
86Young Planners Thought Leadership Group (ARSS 73) Ev w
87Boyer Planning Ltd (ARSS 74) Ev w
88South Worcestershire local planning authorities (ARSS 75) Ev w
89Ropemaker Properties Ltd (ARSS 76 Ev w
90Ecotricity (ARSS 77) Ev w
91Anglian Water Services Ltd (ARSS 78) Ev w
92Devon County Council (ARSS 79) Ev w
93SJ Berwin LLP (ARSS 80) Ev w
94Covanta Energy (ARSS 82) Ev w
95Bristol Friends of the Earth (ARSS 83) Ev w
96Chris Skidmore MP (ARSS 84) Ev w
97DRAG (ARSS 85) Ev w
98Land Use Consultants (ARSS 86) Ev w
99Leicestershire County Council Liberal Democrat Group (ARSS 87) Ev w
100Environmental Services Association (ARSS 88) Ev w
101British Property Federation (ARSS 90) Ev w
102Norfolk County Council and Norfolk County Strategic Services (ARSS 91) Ev w
103Staffordshire County Council (ARSS 92) Ev w
104Turley Associates (ARSS 93) Ev w
105North East Chamber of Commerce (NECC) (ARSS 94) Ev w
106Leicestershire County Council (ARSS 95) Ev w
107Grundon Waste Management Ltd (ARSS 96) Ev w
108Construction Industry Council (ARSS 97) Ev w
109Fenland District Council, Huntingdonshire District Council, and Cambridgeshire County Council (ARSS 98) Ev w
110Denton Wilde Sapte (ARSS 100) Ev w
111Network Rail (ARSS 101) Ev w
112The Wildlife Trusts (ARSS 102) Ev w
113Alan Wenban-Smith (ARSS 103) Ev w
114Leckhampton Green Land Action Group (LEGLAG) (ARSS 104) Ev w
115Cumbria County Council (ARSS 106) Ev w
116Mineral Products Association (ARSS 107) Ev w
117Southern Water Services (ARSS 108) Ev w
118National Federation of Gypsy Liaison Groups (ARSS 109) Ev w
119ARUP (ARSS 110) Ev w
120Persimmon Homes (ARSS 112) Ev w
121Rushcliffe Borough Council (ARSS 113) Ev w
122English Heritage (ARSS 114) Ev w
123Legal and General Property (ARSS 115) Ev w
124Bloor Homes (ARSS 116) Ev w
125Essex County Council (ARSS 117) Ev w
126Levvel Ltd (ARSS 118) Ev w
127Cheshire Wildlife Trust, Cumbria Wildlife Trust, and The Wildlife Trust for Lancashire, Manchester & North Merseyside (ARSS 119) Ev w
128Housing Forum (ARSS 120) Ev w
129West Coast Energy (ARSS 121) Ev w
130Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (ARSS 122) Ev w
131Merseytravel (ARSS 123) Ev w
132Barton Willmore (ARSS 124) Ev w
133London Gipsy and Traveller Unit (ARSS 125) Ev w
134College Development Company and Kennet Properties Limited (ARSS 126) Ev w
135Landscape Institute (ARSS 127) Ev w
136Heriot-Watt University (ARSS 128) Ev w
137The Theatre Trust (ARSS 130) Ev w
138Savills (ARSS 131) Ev w
139Fairview New Homes (ARSS 134) Ev w
140Chartered Institute of Housing (ARSS 135) Ev w
141Showmen's Guild of Great Britain (ARSS 136) Ev w
142Planning and Development Association (ARSS 137) Ev w
143Baker Associates (ARSS 138) Ev w
144Federation of Master Builders (ARSS 140) Ev w
145Worcestershire County Council (ARSS 141) Ev w
146Local Government Association (ARSS142) Ev w
147Thames Water (ARSS 143) Ev w
148Localise West Midlands (ARSS 144) Ev w
149CABE (ARSS 145) Ev w
150Dr Alastair Scott (ARSS 147) Ev 2
151Kent County Council (ARSS 149) Ev w
152UK Green Building Council (ARSS 150) Ev w
153Kilbride Four Ashes (ARSS 155) Ev w
154North West Regional Leaders Board and North West Regional Development Agency (ARSS 152) Ev w
155Beryl Metcalfe (ARSS 153) Ev w
156Bryan Jezeph Consultancy (ARSS 154) Ev w
157Kilbride Four Ashes (ARSS 155)
158Redcliffe Homes (ARSS 156) Ev w
159Prof ADH Crook, the University of Sheffield (ARSS 158) Ev w

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Prepared 17 March 2011