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Channel 4 Annual Report

Here you can browse the Minutes of Evidence which were ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 7 December 2010.

Oral evidence

Taken before the Culture, Media and Sport Committee

on Wednesday 28 July 2010

Members present

Mr John Whittingdale, in the Chair
Ms Louise BagshawPaul Farrelly
David CairnsAlan Keen
Damian CollinsMr Adrian Sanders
Dr Thérèse CoffeyJim Sheridan
Philip DaviesMr Tom Watson


Witnesses: Lord Burns GCB, a Member of the House of Lords, Chairman, Mr David Abraham, Chief Executive, and Ms Anne Bulford, Chief Operating Officer, Channel 4, gave evidence.

Question Numbers


Letter from David Abraham, Chief Executive, Channel 4 (C4 01)

Letter from Lord Burns GCB, Chairman, Channel 4 (C4 02)

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Prepared 14 December 2010