Funding of the arts and heritage

Written evidence submitted by ZENDEH (arts 154)

What arts organisations can do to work more closely together in order to reduce duplication of effort and to make economies of scale;

· The collaborative practice of ZENDEH.

· Sustained Theatre a network.

1) The work of ZENDEH as a company based in Newcastle is at its heart about creating multi-dimensional cross art form performance products that are intercultural in artistic practice and resonate with diverse audiences; in essence an acute awareness of what it means to be based in the UK with international dialogues and ambitions.

2) ZENDEH ( thrives through meaningful relationships at a varying scales and spectrums of partnership that mutually nurture and progress the profile of the collaboration by deepening the experiences of artists, organizational teams and audiences alike, creating a space where imagination takes not just the individual but the collective on journey beyond the boundaries of socio-political assumptions and misconceptions.

3) Although a young company launched in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2005 ZENDEH has from the start been committed to representing diversity in our artistic practice, on stages and in spaces and in the welcoming of audiences – this has been made possible through working with existing models of bi-lateral and consortia based practice and where possible innovating these models through modern trends and opportunities that have in turn become strategic and sustainable.

4) Sustained Theatre is a network and a call to action for all artists to lobby for positive change. This is the first time we, as artists, have had a real opportunity to take centre stage and have a voice in transforming the future of our national theatre. A significant system of support has been the opportunities in terms of knowledge, creativity, expertise and courage from Sustained Theatre ( ). Sustained Theatre is a space for creative connections, conversations and collaborations that is nourished through the artists involved by a network of regional hubs. These hubs are the life blood of Sustained Theatre as they bring a focus and voice to the range of active streams of interest including and ranging from Spaces, International, Archives, Higher Education, Professional Development and underpinning all of this is the artistic work and changes in practice.

5) Through deepening our understanding of scale, ambition and artistic integrity through equalities and awareness, resources can be shared with transparency where the individual voice is given strength through the collective. The North is place where collaborative practice is celebrated and this in turn means that it extends an invitation for new partners be they individual specialists through to industry giants – this is an opportunity for strategic strengthening through diversity.

September 2010