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Memorandum submitted by the Stop Hinkley Campaign

I am writing on behalf of the Stop Hinkley campaign to express our concern about the abbreviated consideration which the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee appears to be giving to the revised Energy National Policy Statements published by DECC in October. As I understand it you are only proposing to hear evidence from a single government minister.

As the main local organisation concerned about the proposal for a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point in Somerset, our concern is primarily about the Nuclear NPS (EN-6) and those sections of the Overarching Energy NPS (EN-1) which relate to it. We are particularly concerned that the poor level of public engagement experienced when the first energy NPS's were issued—over the winter of 2009-10—is likely to be repeated this time round.

Despite the fact that eight specific locations for proposed nuclear power stations are listed in EN-6, there has been no publicly advertised meeting in the vicinity of Hinkley Point at which local people can raise their concerns about the revised documents. This was one of the issues which my colleague Jim Duffy raised in the evidence he gave to the ECC in early 2010 during its previous hearings on the original NPS's (see

As I am sure you are aware, these Policy Statements are important documents which will set the parameters for consideration of all major energy infrastructure proposals by the Infrastructure Planning Commission. On behalf of the Stop Hinkley campaign I would therefore urge the Committee to hear a full spectrum of evidence from stakeholders on the revised NPS's, especially the nuclear-related issues which have already attracted the most interest.

November 2010

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