UK Deepwater Drilling-Implications of the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill: Government Response to the Committee's Second Report of Session 2010-11 - Energy and Climate Change Contents

Appendix Two: Letter from the Falkland Islands Government

The Falkland Islands Government was surprised to see a reference to the Falkland Islands in the conclusions and recommendations of the above report that was published on 6 January.

The Falkland Islands is an Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom and therefore has its own laws and regulatory authorities that cover offshore hydrocarbon exploration and any potential production. Health and safety and environmental regulations, including provision for oil spill contingencies, are enshrined in Falklands' law and mirror much of the UK's legislation. Falklands' legislation also takes into account the special conditions related to the South Atlantic environment.

The Falkland Islands Government has a Department of Mineral Resources that regulates activities related to hydrocarbon exploration. Technical advice from the British Geological Survey and the Health & Safety Executive is provided under contract and DECC provides advice as and when required.

I trust this clarifies the situation in the Falkland Islands. We are also keen to learn lessons from the tragedy that occurred in the Gulf of Mexico last year and we will seek to apply any recommendations that result to our regulatory regime in order to actively prevent such an accident happening in these waters.

The Honourable Jan Cheek
Member of the Falkland Islands Legislative Assembly

13 January 2011

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