House of Commons
Session 2010-11
Select Committees

Energy and Climate Change Committee



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The Department of Energy and Climate Change (SG 1)

World Coal Association (SG 02)

British Geological Survey (SG 03)

British Geological Survey Supplementary (SG 03a)

Martin Quick (SG 04)

Professor Richard Selley (SG 05)

National Grid (SG 06)

IGas Energy (SG 07)

Cuadrilla Resources Holdings Ltd (SG 08)

Cuadrilla Resources Holdings Ltd Supplementary (SG 08a)

Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) (SG 09)

Scottish & Southern Energy (SG 10)

Scotia Gas Networks (SG 11)

Tyndall Centre (SG 12)

The Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem) (SG 13)

Shell (SG 14)

Geological Society of London (SG 15)

Professor Paul Stevens, Chatham House (SG 16)

CNG Services Ltd (SG 17)

The Co-operative Group (SG 18)

Philip Mitchell (SG 19)

No Hot Air (SG 20)

Friends of the Earth (SG 21)

WWF-UK (SG 22)

The Environment Agency (SG 23)




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Prepared 5 February 2011