Documents considered by the Committee on 23 March - European Scrutiny Committee Contents

15   Documents not raising questions of sufficient legal or political importance to warrant a substantive report to the House

Department for Business, Innovation and Skills



COM(11) 65

Draft Council Regulation imposing a definitive anti-dumping duty and collecting definitively the provisional duty imposed on imports of certain continuous filament glass fibre products originating in the People's Republic of China.



+ ADD 1

COM(11) 75

Commission Communication on Better governance of the Single Market through greater administrative cooperation: A strategy for expanding and developing the Internal Market Information System ('IMI').


Commission staff working paper: 2010 Annual Report on the Internal Market Information System.

Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Draft Council Decision on the signing and conclusion of the Agreement between the European Union and the United States of America establishing a framework for the participation of the United States of America in European Union crisis management operations.


COM(11) 42

Commission Report: Study on Article 45(2) of the Staff Regulations.

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